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Posted on July 13 2015

New process to hire Indian workers in the UAE

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023

ABU DHABI // A new system to streamline the process of hiring Indian workers has been launched.

The eMigrate system requires employers from the UAE to register with the Indian Embassy if they are seeking to hire employees. The embassy will then vet the application before the recruitment process can begin. Neeta Bhushan, deputy chief of mission, said employers will have to declare the terms and conditions of employment for each position when registering with eMigrate. “Foreign employers are now asked to raise the demand for Indian workers on the eMigrate system and seek a permit to recruit directly, or from selected recruiting agents,” she said. The declared employment conditions will act as a specimen contract, to form part of the real recruitment contract. The system is already in place for companies that aim to hire more than 150 Indian workers. From the end of this month it will apply for 20 and above. At present it is only required for blue-collar workers and nurses but it will soon be implemented for all employment. Recruitment companies in the UAE said they had not been told about the system. “As of now, we have not been informed about the eMigrate system by anyone,” said Mohammed Anwar, an HR officer at Prime Gulf Manpower Recruitment in Abu Dhabi. He said 40 per cent of his company’s workers were recruited from India, mainly for the oil and petrochemical industry. “At present, there is no Indian government [official] involved in the hiring system. We hire people directly from India – unskilled, semi-skilled and skilled workers,” he said. Mr Anwar said he believed the system could slow down the recruitment process. “However, if it becomes mandatory, then we will see what can be done,” he said. Abu Zayed, a recruitment officer at Sawaeed Employment, said it usually took about 45 days to hire an Indian worker. “If the new system takes more time than this, then my client won’t wait,” said Mr Zayed. Ms Bhushan said: “The eMigrate system is meant to make the recruitment process simpler and more efficient. We are positive that companies will find it hassle-free when hiring Indian workers.”


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