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Posted on August 10 2020

Mock tests in your PTE preparation-make the best use of them

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023
PTE Online Coaching

A wise way to prepare for any test is to take mock tests in the run-up tot eh exam date. This strategy can work for your PTE exam preparation as well. All is well if you get a good score in these mock tests because it shows you have prepared well and are all set to crack the actual test. But what if you are not able to score well in the mock tests? You would definitely like to know where you are making mistakes and the areas that you need to improve on.

The best option is to choose mock tests that will also give you feedback. Getting personalized feedback for your mock tests will go a long way to help you know where you are going wrong and it is all the better if you get expert feedback.

This is all the more relevant because the scoring pattern for the PTE academic is quite complicated. This is because each enabling skill has a number of components in the PTE. For instance, in the speaking section pausing, chunking, hesitations, rhythm, emphasis, and intonation are aspects you should improve on to get a high score. Any feedback with just numbers will not provide you these insights.

If you take the PTE writing section, you might be making errors that will affect your score, but without feedback for your mock tests, you will not be able to know where you are going wrong.

Test like experience

Besides feedback, it's a very good idea to get a test-like experience. There are a variety of aspects you need to be aware of even before the test day and so taking a PTE Mock Test is a good idea to have such experiences so you're mentally prepared on the test day.

When you begin preparing for any test you just want to experience it first. After all, 'knowing' what the test is like is much easier if you've done it before. Sometimes, making someone theoretically describe the tasks doesn't help. You need to experience it to know more.

Best out of feedback

When you get feedback for your mock tests from your tutor will help you assess where you stand. Once you get the feedback and start working on your weak areas, you can try out some practice questions and assess if you have made any improvement. If you are convinced that you have made significant improvements in your weak areas, you can attempt full-fledged mock tests again.

Remember mock tests can only be useful if you know what you are doing and they should not be your only strategy to prepare for your PTE exam.

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