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Posted on December 29 2015

MEA advisory to students to US and ways to identify fakes

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023

MEA Advisory

Many Indians travelling to the US to study in Universities have been facing some problems like being denied entry to board the planes or by getting deported from the US in spite of being offered valid student visas by US government authorities. Though the Government of India has enquired with US authorities, a response is awaited.

The problem is that a few universities are fake and the Ministry of External Affairs is asking its student immigration hopefuls to be thorough in research genuine Universities and authorities before investing in the process. Two universities which have been in the limelight have been the Silicon Valley University in San Jose and the Northwestern Polytechnic University in Fremont. Both Universities specified are in California. According to our data, there are around 900+ fake universities operating in the US. Though a specific number is difficult to figure as The Council of Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) or United States Department of Education (UDSE) does not provide a blacklist.

Believe it or not, education is a business, a big industry. Australia rates education as its fourth biggest export. With so much investment by students and family, the choice of immigrating for education is heavy on the mind. So we offer three ways to being safe in your choice of Universities.

  1. Accreditation: means that the educational institute has gone through some stringent standard tests. The Accreditation academies will scrutinizes based on factors like libraries, teaching and administration, campus amenities, and specializations.
  2. Aptitude tests: Schools that accept students with very low scores and also backlogs with no or little reason should be dislodged from your list as University admissions need good TOEFL, GRE,GMAT or SAT scores to be admitted.
  3. Visit CHEA website: We left this point at the end as it is the most important. CHEA publishes a list of legitimate universities which can be found on their website.

If the university does not have any of the three factors satisfied, strike the institute of your list.

So, if you are looking to use a safe gateway to student immigration to the US, please fill our enquiry form so that one of our consultants will reach you to entertain your queries.

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Ministry of External Affairs New Delhi


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