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Posted on October 05 2019

International Students – Your life in Canada

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023

International Students

Canada is a land of tolerant and friendly people. It has a great diversity in culture. 1/5th of Canadian students are foreigners. Below are the basics which international students should know about student life in Canada.

What can be expected in College or University:

In Canada, higher education means college and University. Both these provide different opportunity for growing and learning. College offers an environment that is career-focused through practical way. If you have chosen woodworking as your choice of career, you might spend some practical time in preparing kitchen cabinets. If you choose broadcasting, you might shoot and edit your own videos. This way, you will get ample opportunities in practicing your skills in real work environment.

At the University, you would experience labs and lectures, workshops and tutorials. Blending the learnt knowledge along with practice is all about University days. This will greatly help you for your career in the future. You can meet your instructors and professors during scheduled office hours and ask them your doubts and discuss assignments. Every class has a lab assistant and a teaching assistant who would render support to students.

What can Graduates or Postgraduates expect:

If you are a graduate in a doctoral or PhD program in Canada, most of your time goes in field work and original research along with attending classes. You would be expected to prepare a dissertation, thesis or a research project. Renowned professors, instructors and researchers will guide you well. You might also take up working as a lab assistant or teach students on the campus.

All levels of Canadian higher education add to your experience. You will get a chance to connect with colleagues and friends who would prove to be a valuable asset to you. You would have an active social life along with lots of fun. Going to clubs and pubs, meeting friends for coffee and travelling outside the city will be a part of your active life.

Canadian Student Culture:

French and British traditions influence Canadian culture. Canada is a melting pot of varied cultures. The National Hockey League is the most popular game to which Canadians are die-hard fans.  There are a lot of sporting events held in almost all Canadian cities. Musical performances and theatrical performances are also very popular. A lot of emerging artists perform at the University campuses too.

Behaviour and Manners:

Canadians encourage outsiders in sharing their culture. They are community-oriented and very polite people. Manners of Canadians are just like those of British and Americans. Canada is also considered as one of the safest places on earth. The easy-going attitude of Canada makes it a wonderful place to study for international students.


Canada offers diverse cuisine. The British and French ancestries have its influence on Canadian cuisine. Bagels, smoked meat and different tarts are some of the common foods. Traditional French fayre is very common. There is a Jewish influence on food.


If you are visiting Canada for the first time, you would be surprised to find that the 1st year students are given priority when it comes to on-campus student accommodation. Most accommodations on the campus are like dormitories. If you are uncomfortable living in a mixed-sex environment, you have to inform the university before reserving a room. You can also opt for off-campus accommodation if you want.

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