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Posted on February 28 2013

Indonesia urged to cultivate more skilled workers to maintain growth

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023

Indonesia needs to intensify its skilled labor buildup efforts in a bid to sustain the economic growth, the Indonesian Employers' Association (Apindo) said here Tuesday.

"We are lacking of skilled labors not only in mining industry, plantation industry, but also in capital industry, service industry and other labor incentive industries," Sofjan Wanandi, Apindo Chairman said here.

The Chairman added that around 60 percent of Indonesia's 110 to 150 million workforces have only got junior high school education or lower which is unable to fulfill the increasing demand.

Wanandi said the supply of the local skilled workforce needs to catch up with the demand, otherwise Indonesia will not be able to manage a growth of 6 percent.

Indonesia, a 240 million people country with rich natural resources, is lagging behind with its human resource development, the World Bank and Indonesia's statistics bureau have predicted that the country will suffer a shortage of 10 million skilled workers by 2025.

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