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Posted on June 14 2016

Indian students advised to apply early for US visas

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023
Indian Students Charles Luoma-Overstreet, the United States Acting Consul General, has advised students unambiguously to submit their student visa applications as soon as possible. Speaking at an education fair in Chennai, Luoma-Overstreet had two pieces of advice for students wishing to go to the United States. One was telling them not to waste time in applying for a visa. Second, since they now have a waiting time of 24 business days for student visa appointments, they were told not to heed the advice of their friends, or any from unknown people on different Internet mediums. He cautioned them that what could be applicable to someone else may not work for others. He asked them to consult official education offices, such as EducationUSA and genuine websites. In addition, Luoma-Overstreet added that India’s non-immigrant visa was one of the largest in the world, which strengthened the ties between people. We, at Y-Axis, also suggest that you take note of the statements made by Luoma-Overstreet. To apply quickly for a US student visa, drop in at one of our offices, which are spread all over India, and file for it soon.


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