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Posted on November 25 2015

10 Countries you can visit from India without a visa

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023

Travelling abroad doesn't come easy. You have to undergo a lengthy documentation process before boarding a flight to your holiday destination. Firstly, you need to apply for visa and then meet the official at the embassy to clear an interview. That isn't all. At times, your visa request may get rejected because you forgot to mention something too minute. Then, what's the solution?

Why don't you try some destinations, which are out and out hurdle free? Yeah, citizens with Indian passports are actually free to travel to 59 countries across the world where Visa isn't pre-required. You can just fly to the country, get a Visa on arrival and tour the country as you wish.

And the best are the countries that don't require a visa altogether. Here we list out 10 countries where you don't need a visa at all, forget visa on arrival.

But just keep in mind, before you travel, you need a return ticket to India, hotel reservations and some amount of money specified by the countries.



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