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Posted on March 23 2022

How to apply work visa for Ireland?

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023

How to apply work visa for Ireland

People have started looking towards Ireland as an option for a career overseas. Additionally, working and residing in Ireland gives people all the benefits one can get to be a member of the European Union.

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It is expected that Ireland would soon become a hub for multinational companies as they would want to set a base in the EU or European Union. The implementation of Brexit has put the spotlight on Ireland as a lucrative place for investment and job opportunities.

The people, who have lived in Ireland for five years, can apply for citizenship. Read on to know how to apply for a work visa for Ireland.

Working in Ireland

Suppose a person from European Economic Area or non-European Union citizen wants to work in Ireland. In that case, they will have to get permission from the IIA or Irish immigration authorities to work. The body grants a work permit for Ireland.

The citizens of other countries have to apply for a work visa for Ireland to be allowed to enter Ireland. You need to remember that work visas and work permits are issued by two different authorities in Ireland.

Types of Work Permit

There are two types of work permits in Ireland:

  1. Ireland Critical Skills Employment Permit

The Ireland Critical Skills Employment Permit is available for highly-skilled foreign national workers. Its aim is to facilitate international workers immigrating to Ireland to contribute to skilled worker shortages in specific high-skill occupations.

The occupations under the Critical Skills Employment Permit are for the professionals in

The applicants for this permit can be employed in an occupation that pays them between 300,000 Pounds to 600,000 Pounds per year.

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The requirements for Critical Skills Employment Permit are

  • The employment contract should be for two years
  • The salary should be between 300,000 pounds to 600,000 pounds per year
  • The application for the permit should be submitted before coming to Ireland

One can only apply for the permit while living in Ireland if they have the IRP or Ireland Residence Permit with Stamp 1, 1A, 2, 2A, and 3.

Irish employers need not apply for the Labour Markets Needs Test for hiring foreign national workers who qualify for the Critical Skills Permit

  1. Ireland General Employment Permit

The general employment permit is granted to the professions which are not on the list for the permit of the Critical Skills employment. There is no specific list of occupations for the General Employment permit.

One can apply for this employment permit for any profession unless the profession is in the list of "Ineligible Categories of Employment for Employment Permits." The applicants for this permit can be employed in an occupation that pays them above thirty-thousand euros.

The requirements for General Employment Permit are:

  • Pays at least €30,000 per year
  • Not on the list for ineligible occupations
  • Labour Market Needs Test by the employer
  • Over half of the workforce in the company or organization should be EU citizens
  • Submission of the application for Work Visa

The employer or the employee must submit the application for a work permit in Ireland. If professional is emigrating from their native nation to Ireland, the employer in their country can submit the application on their behalf. This can be done only in the case of intra-company transfer.

The application has to be submitted through the online portal of the EPOS or Employment Permits Online System.

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What is the Labour Market Needs Test?

The employers must clear the Labour Market Needs Test. This assessment is there to guarantee that the opportunities for Irish people are not being compromised when hiring foreign national workers.

The Irish employer must prove that they were unable to fill the position with a citizen from Ireland or EEA. They must advertise the vacancy in Ireland and the EU for a reasonable period of time. If they cannot find a candidate, only then can they employ a foreign national worker with a work visa.

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Work visa for Ireland


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