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Posted on January 23 2023

How to apply for work visa of UAE in 2023?

By  Editor
Updated March 27 2024

Why UAE Work Visa?

  • Better standard of living
  • The average annual income in the UAE is 258,000 AED.
  • Tax free income
  • Access to inexpensive health services and insurance.
  • Travel visa free to multiple destinations

Job opportunities in UAE

Job opportunities in the UAE have increased and led to steady recruitment and growth in the industry. An international ranking in global talent has made the UAE the 4th best country in the world to be a welcoming place for global talent.


The country ranks among the top 10 positions in offering access to opportunities for career advancement and lifelong learning possibilities.


The in-demand jobs in the UAE are listed below:

  • Banking and financial services
  • Data and analytics
  • Digital jobs
  • Engineering and manufacturing
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Legal and policy jobs
  • Procurement and supply chain
  • Property and construction
  • Retail jobs
  • B2B sales and marketing
  • Consumer sales and marketing
  • Technology jobs

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Benefits of working in UAE

The UAE is one of the most stable countries in the world and perfect for individuals and families. The living expenses in some of the cities are relative to other countries. There are other benefits too of living and working in the UAE. The benefits are listed below:

  • Tax-free income
  • Multiple career opportunities
  • Streamlined process for the work permit
  • English-speaking towns and cities
  • Advanced facilities and infrastructure
  • Multi-cultural society
  • Open and tolerant environment
  • Safe
  • Picturesque landscapes
  • Easy accessibility

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Types of UAE work permits

International candidates can apply for a UAE work permit under eight different work permits:

  • Temporary work permit – It facilitates employers to hire international professionals on a project basis or to work for a limited period.
  • One-mission permit - It facilitates organizations and establishments to recruit an international professional for temporary work or a particular project to be completed in a specific period of time.
  • Part-time work permit – It facilitates international professionals to work for more than one UAE-based employer for a fixed number of days or hours.
  • Golden Visa Holders permit - It is issued when hiring a holder of a Golden Visa inside the UAE.
  • Freelancer permit – It is issued for self-sponsored candidates wishing to offer a specific service, complete an activity, or work for a particular period of time for a company or an individual without contracts or sponsorship.

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Eligibility Criteria for Work Visa in UAE

To be permitted to work in the UAE, the candidate and the company must meet the conditions given below:

  • The candidate should be 18 years old or more
  • The organization hiring the candidate should have a valid license
  • The company should not have committed any violations
  • The work must correspond to the nature of the company hiring you
  • Requirements for UAE Work Visa
  • These are the following documents an individual would require to apply for the UAE work permit:
  • A valid passport and its photocopy.
  • Photos for passport
  • An ID card from the Emirates
  • An entry permit authorized by the Ministry of Labor
  • Results of the required medical examination
  • A photocopy of a company card issued by the employer
  • A photocopy of the commercial license of the company

Steps to apply for a UAE Work Visa

The process of applying for a UAE work permit can be divided into 3 stages. They are:

  • Obtaining an employment entry visa
  • Obtaining an Emirates ID card or Resident Identity Card
  • Gaining a work permit and residence visa

Detailed information is given below:


  • Obtaining a UAE Entry Visa

The employment entry visa of the UAE is also known as the pink visa. To initiate the process of gaining the permit, the employer is required to apply for the approval of the visa quota on behalf of the candidate. The approval is authorized by the MOL or the Ministry of Labor.


Next, the employer must submit the contract of employment to the MOL. The prospective employee must sign this contract.


The approval of the Ministry is required for the work permit application to be issued an employment entry visa. With the approval of the visa application, the candidate must enter the UAE within two months.


  • Getting an Emirates ID

An Emirates ID is necessary for the medical examination of candidates to apply for a residence visa. To apply for the Emirates ID, the candidate needs to submit their entry visa along with the original passport and a photocopy.


The candidate is required to apply personally at the EIDA or Emirates Identity Authority center, where they have to submit the biometrics, such as a photograph and fingerprints.


  • Applying for a work permit and residence visa

After entering the UAE with the pink visa, the candidate has to apply for a residence visa and a legal work permit within 60 days.

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