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Posted on April 05 2022

Highest Paid Professions in New Zealand -2022

By  Editor
Updated June 17 2024

New Zealand is an island nation in the southwestern part of the Pacific Ocean. A highly developed country, New Zealand, ranks high worldwide in quality of living, educational facilities, and economic and political freedom. Although the service sector is its highest revenue generator, its industrial and agriculture sectors also are prospering.   Its largest city Auckland was ranked the most livable city in the world by the Quality of Living survey conducted by Mercer, one of the world's largest human resources consultancies.  


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If you want to work in New Zealand in 2022, then here is the list of highest-paying jobs in the country in the Sothern Hemisphere. The top sectors where the occupations will pay the highest are IT, Healthcare, Finance, Engineering, and Sales and Marketing. There are attractive job openings in the construction, trades, and business services sectors as well.   This country attracts foreign workers also because its official language of communication is English, besides a low crime rate and sparse population.  


New Zealand's highest paying job in 2022 

 Information Technology (IT) Managers: IT Managers monitor and manage the development of technological solutions with the IT professionals to cater to clients, vendors, and other business contacts. They earn an average annual pay of 250,000 New Zealand dollars (NZD).  


Engineering   Engineering has become the major sector in developing any kind of industry. The most in-demand  Engineering jobs in New Zealand include:  

Construction Engineers: One of the most in-demand jobs of New Zealand is the construction industry. Construction engineers are responsible for monitoring an entire project by coordinating with other engineers. They need to have a degree in civil engineering with relevant experience in the construction industry. Their annual average incomes are around 130,000 NZD.  


Mine Mangers: It is the responsibility of mine managers to monitor operations of a mine and plan and organize the employees and their activities. They earn annual average salaries of about 130,000 NZD. They need an engineering degree with relevant experience in the mines.   


Sales & Marketing    Marketing Manager: Their job is to manage all the marketing aspects of a business or a service, besides growing an organization's revenues as a whole. Their salaries are around 140,000 NZD per year.


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Accounts & Finance

Investment Directors: It is the job of these individuals to aid a company by growing the returns of investment of its capital substantially. Their annual average salaries are 205,000 NZD per year.

 Human Resources

HR Manager:  It is the responsibility of Human Resource (HR) Managers to establish an organization's strategic goals and ensure their deployment. HR Managers take-home salaries of about 200,000 NZD per year.


  Healthcare professionals   Healthcare sector plays a major role in developing a healthy nation. The most in-demand jobs in Healthcare sector includes: 


Surgeons: They are doctors who perform certain procedures to treat conditions afflicting human bodies, including diseases or injuries. Their annual average pay is around 212,000 NZD per year.


Pathologists: It is their job to examine the bodies of patients and aid doctors to zero in on their conditions so that they are treated appropriately. Their annual average pay is about 204,000 NZD per year.


Ophthalmologists: These physicians analyze and treat eye disorders and infections. They treat their patients orally or directly through the eyes by performing surgeries or other procedures. Their annual average pay is around 196,000 NZD per year.


Orthodontists: Their job is to protect the health of their patient's teeth by fixing or removing teeth or by setting right their jaws. They make use of devices like braces and bands. They earn about 195,000 NZD per year.


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