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Posted on November 02 2020

Getting a perfect score in SAT Math section

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023
 SAT Coaching

Who wants a perfect SAT math score of 800? Who's not going to want that? Ok, good news, you're within sight of the ideal 800. Anyone can get an 800, or something very similar to it, with the right planning, and the right understanding of SAT math.

There are other advantages to scoring perfectly in SAT Math, apart from the evident appeal of seeing the beautiful 800 sparkling on your score report, it will dramatically improve your SAT score. This is possible with the right preparation.

Two sections of the test

The first step towards this is to understand the structure of the math section.

 Section 3 of the test is the first math section, and is headed “Math Test—No Calculator.” As you’d assume, you can’t use a calculator in this section of the test. Section 4 of the exam, the second SAT Math section, is entitled “Math Section—Calculator.” And—you guessed it—you can use a calculator in this part of SAT Math.

Types of questions

The majority of questions about SAT Math is multiple choice. "At the end of both SAT Math pages, however, there is a smaller group of" grid-in "questions. In the grid-in questions test takers have to provide exact numerical answers, and then enter the answer by filling in bubbles for the numerical digits.

Equal scores

Although there are two sections of SAT Math, the questions in these sections have equal scores. A question missed in either section will have the exact same impact on your score.

Uniform type of problems

There are four types of SAT math problems across all sections: Heart of Algebra, Problem Solving and Data Analysis, Advanced Math Passport, and Additional Math Topics. Questions from these subcategories are spread uniformly across the SAT Math sections.

Scoring in the math section

The College Board will turn your results into a ranking between 200 and 800 after all your right and wrong answers have been tallied. You'll see this 200-800 range score in your official score sheet.



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