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Posted on October 13 2015

Know your facts before you work and study in Australia

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023

Study in Aus

There are certain conditions if you want to work while you study in Australia. If you keep in mind the information that follows, life in Australia will be a bliss. As an international student you will  not only enhance your English speaking skills but also have an enriched cultural experience on foreign land.

So, the first rule that you must know in this regard is related to the number of hours you are allowed to work for. Any international student is allowed to earn a living in Australia for not more than 40 hours per fortnight while they are pursuing a course in an Australian university. The option to work for unlimited number of hours is applicable only during a vacation.

Did you know?

If you are someone who has come to Australia, a few weeks before the commencement of the course you have chosen, you must know that you cannot start working right away. You must keep in mind that you can take up a job in that country, only after your course begins.  Similar rules apply to a person who has entered the Australian territory as a dependent.

In the above mentioned context you cannot work for more than 40 hours per fortnight, unless you are pursuing your masters or your doctorate degree. Those of you who come to Australia on a Vocational Education and Training sector (subclass 572) visa are allowed to work for unlimited number of hours as long as your course is not in session.

Keep in mind

It is important for students willing to work and study in Australia to make sure that the number of their working hours does not sum up to more than 40 hours by the end of the fortnight. If it exceeding beyond the prescribed time, it becomes important for you to discuss this with your employer.

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