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Posted on November 28 2015

Choose your destination wisely

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023
Destination Both Australia and New Zealand come with their own advantages and disadvantages. You must choose your destination according to your convenience. For that first, we must know the similarities that exist between both the countries. The common things among them is  culture, equality, mateship, ‘tall poppy’ syndrome, both love outdoor lifestyle, and sports. The difference comes in terms of population and other aspects. The population of Australia is five times greater than that of New Zealand. While Australia is abundant of job opportunities, you will find greater unemployment in New Zealand. The incomes and the standard of living is also greater in Australia. Check out the differences The weather in that country is warmer so if you are coming from a cooler country you should change your destination. In addition to the above mentioned advantages you will also see that there wont be any earthquakes. You will also find greater cultural diversity. Coming to the advantages of living New Zealand, you will see that the cost of living and crime rate is lower when compared to Australia along with being a cooler place comparatively.


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