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Posted on April 23 2016

Canada’s new immigration selection process for 2015 proves to be successful

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023
Canada Immigration Canada’snovel economic immigration selection process,enforced in the year 2015, hasproved to be successful by fulfilling the ‘just-in time’ billing, as it processed the highest number of applications ever from scratch to completion, meeting the government’s six-month target. According to theExpress Entry system’s one-year report card, 80 percent of cases were successfully processed within that time period – commencing on the day it received the firstfilled-in application and ending when immigration officersprocessed the last one fully. The review of the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada stated that it had issued more than 31,000 invitations for application for permanent residence to a selection of skilled immigrants, accomplished in their respective fields, and that close to 10,000 candidates, including the mainapplicants and their family members, hadarrived in Canada as permanent residents. Crucial findings showed that figuring in the top ten livelihoods were professors and many international students, who performed impressively in the Express Entry scheme. In 2015, 2,356 applicants, who were sent invitations to immigrate, were food service supervisors, followed by 2,295 cooks. Both these occupations made up for 16 percent of theapplicants making the cut to receive Canadian permanent residency distinction. Others making it to the top ten immigrants’ lists were software professionals, retail sales administrators, finance professionals, and graphic artists. The Express Entry system, which wasput in place in January 2015, requires each applicant to fill in a profile. This, in turn, is then added to a pool of candidates, where the profilesare graded on the basis of the points they receive for personal qualifications such as educational qualifications, language proficiency, and work experience. A positive labor market affects evaluation. Thegovernment documentation of Canada, reveals that the country has a paucity of candidate’s skills, intuitivelyhiking a score of an applicant by 600 points. In all, 23 draws were carried out, where minimum scores ranged froma low of 450 to a high of 886. January 2016 saw 60,042 profiles in the pool, which saw 22.5 percent having scores ranging between 400 and 449, and 36.4 percent having ascore latitude of 350 to 399. The year 2014 revealed that the Philippines, India, and China were the countries where most of the immigrants came from, and they made up for 41 percent of candidates who qualified for immigration. This system should prove to be a shot in the arm for students from India wishing to apply for permanent residence status in Canada.


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