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Posted on January 05 2016

Canada Start Up Visa: Get accepted into a Canadian business incubator and and secure a work permit in 7 days

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023
The Canada Start Up Visa is a innovative immigration program for entrepreneurs who want to sell massively on an international scale. To secure Canadian Permanent Residence through the Canada Start Up Visa Program you will need to follow these steps: Step 1: Send the following documents to Sterling Immigration Ltd.
  • Your CV/Resume,
  • A business opportunity plan (2 pages) – outlining your proposed business/market offer,
  • A one page summary of your areas of entrepreneurial interest – eg: health, nutrition, I.T. green technology etc.
Note: Corporate due diligence will be undertaken if moving an existing company to Canada. Step 2: If Sterling Immigration find that your application has merit we will schedule an initial telephone consultation. Step 3: Following the telephone consultation, Sterling Immigration will schedule a telephone consultation with a Canadian Business Incubator. Step 4: Telephone consultation and strategy planning with Canadian Business Incubator. Step 5: If necessary a trip to Canada to meet with the Business Incubator face to face and put a road-map in place. Step 6: Once the venture has been determined and the business plan finalized and perfected, the Canadian Business Incubator will issue:
  • A formal Letter of Acceptance,
  • Term Sheet, and
  • Escrow Account Agreement.
Step 7: You sign the agreements and transfer the incubation fees into the Canadian Business Incubator’s Escrow Account. Funds will be held in trust and returned to you if your visa application is rejected. Step 8: The Canadian Business Incubator then issues:
  • A Commitment Certificate, and
  • Work Permit Support Letter to Citizenship & Immigration Canada
Step 9: Sterling Immigration prepare and submit your work permit application. Step 10: Work Permit Issuance – the current timescale is 7 to 10 business days. Step 11: Work Permit issued. Sterling Immigration now prepare your Permanent Residence application. In addition to your letter of acceptance into a Canadian Business Incubator program, you must provide:
  • IELTS General Certificate,
  • Medical certificate,
  • Police clearances,
  • Employment references (if applicable),
  • All education documents and transcripts, and
  • Proof of funds to support yourself and any accompanying family members
Step 12: Sterling Immigration prepare and submit Permanent Residence application Step 13: You move to Canada to legally incorporate your new venture and schedule your residency in the Canadian Business Incubator program while your permanent residence application is in process. Step 14: Permanent Residence issued approximately 6 months after submission.



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