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Posted on July 21 2015

Why do businesses prefer Visa Consultancy In Ahmedabad

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023

Ahmedabad is the hub of numerous businesses in our country, and business and travelling goes hand in hand. If you have a business trip coming up then you must get away with the processing hassles and hire Y-Axis visa consultancy in Ahmedabad.

What Services Do Visa Consultancies Offer

The most important aspect of a visa is the application process, which has to be backed up with supportive documents, and in case of business visa, you will have to give additional information regarding your business as well. So, you might have to provide notarization of your documents, Attestation, your bank statements,  etc.

However, getting all the documents sorted out can be time-consuming, and it will shift your focus from the real task that is ahead of you. With Y-Axis visa consultancy, you will not only get relief from having to go through the documentation process by yourself, but also will help you get your visa on time.

Do They Provide Visas For Non-Business Purposes

Y-Axis consultants offer visa services for different purposes including student visa, travel visa, work visa etc. by contacting Y-Axis visa consultancy in Ahmedabad you can get all your visa requirements fulfilled under one roof.

All you have to do is contact the consultant by phone, online or walk into  our office at Mahalaxmi Cross Roads, Paldi Ahmedabad, where our consultants will help you understand the whole process and also help you get your visa without any hassle.

So, if you are planning to fly abroad for business, leisure, study or work purpose then it's best to not waste your time on lengthy visa application process, instead hire a visa consultancy that will help you get your visa in no time.

For more news and updates, assistance with your visa needs or for a Free Assessment of your profile for Immigration or Work Visa’s just visit


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