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Posted on May 12 2014

Best jobs for the future

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023
Financial gurus at Kiplinger's have combed the job lists and come up with a rundown of jobs that have potential. These are well-paid jobs that are expected to expand in the next few years. Additionally, they included stress in the evaluation criteria -- and "most of these promising professions are less stressful than average, based on such factors as time pressure and having to deal with unpleasant, angry or physically aggressive people." If your interest has been whetted by that promise, here are some of Kiplinger's top jobs. And keep in mind, you don't need to be fresh out of school to pursue a change in career. It's never too late to gain some new skills. Brickmason. New housing starts means new jobs. Kiplinger's expects the 10-year growth for this profession at 35.5 percent. This job is physically demanding, but is lower stress in other ways. For instance, you don't often have to deal with an angry customer face to face. says the average salary for a brickmason is $47,000. Civil Engineer. If you like engineering, but not the prospect of working in dimly lit cubes your entire career, think about civil engineering. While there is office work involved, civil engineers are often on site at large construction projects. Kiplinger's points out that infrastructure is aging, and as such, much will need to be repaired or rebuilt. Civil engineers will be needed for all of that, and careers in the field have a 10-year growth projection of 19.7 percent. Personal Financial Advisor. No more do you join a company at 22 and stay until retirement, when you're handed a gold watch and a pension. Americans are responsible for planning their own retirement, and as the population ages, we're more and more concerned about it. Enter the personal financial advisor. You need a bachelor's degree in a finance related field, as well as the ability to work with people to plan their financial future. Physical TherapistAs medicine advances, the need for physical therapists (and occupational therapists) will grow. The baby boomers will need more and more rehabilitation services. Physical therapy could be a great path for someone who has an interest in medicine and health but wants to work more regular hours. Health Specialties Professor. We need more health care providers as the population grows and ages. But, someone has to train all these health care providers. Therefore, another growing field is the professor in health care fields. May 8, 2014


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