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Posted on July 18 2018

Best countries to Live and Work in 2018

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023
Best countries to Live and Work in 2018

Working abroad has been the most popular option among the people since the advent of globalization. Some of the best countries abroad to live and work in 2018 are listed below:

1. Portugal:

Portugal has become one of the most vibrant countries for start-up culture in Europe. Nearly €200 million funds are accorded for start-ups and foreign companies that relocate here. The government of Portuguese has recently announced a ‘start-up visa ‘in a bid to relocate international business executives with the promise of a resident visa.

2. Estonia:

It is one of the best countries for those skilled workers who are willing to join start-ups and relocate without a visa. They can get a work permit visa within 24 hours by signing a contract with Estonian company digitally. It is done to tap the best talent and reach the zenith in the sphere of technology.

3. Denmark:

Denmark is one of the happiest countries in the world in the terms of quality of life. It has eased the access of foreign specialists to a skilled workforce.  The new skilled workers would get a four-year visa from certified employers within a gap of two weeks.

4. Finland:

The specialist employees from the visa-free countries get to work in Finland for up to three months exempting residential permit. Those who are intending to stay for a longer period can get their residence applications through a streamlined process.  The government has set up a Come2Fi organization that helps people relocate to the country through a process.

5. Malaysia:

Teemed with people of various cultures, Malaysia’s capital, Kuala Lumpur has emerged as one of the best locations for Internet start-ups. The immigration process for foreign specialist employees is transparent and normally takes two to four weeks to issue a work visa.

6. Sweden:

Ranked high in terms of happiness, Sweden emboldens its companies to provide huge benefits and vacation time to the employees. Being a high-tax and high-spend country, it has a series of social legislative benefits to its citizens. Apart from this, it has a fast track visa process that helps prospective employees to acquire a visa in a short period of time rather than the usual six to twelve months.

7. Singapore:

Singapore has a reputation for having a world-class health care system, high investment and greater emphasis on technology. In addition to these, it continues to attract efficient software developers to pave the way for proficiency in the sphere of technology.

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