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Posted on October 01 2016

Barebones guide to F1 student visa

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023
student visa With an F-1 student visa, an individual can pursue a full-time study programme in the United States at an accredited education institution. An F-1 student visa holder cannot go to America with the intention of permanently residing there. Here are the requirements to qualify for an F-1 student visa: * The holders of this visa need to be enrolled at an accredited university, college, high school, seminary, language training program or conservatory. Following the completion of the course, the student must obtain a diploma, degree, or certificate. * The student must be studying in an educational institution, which has been authorised by the US government to accept foreign students. * Full-time students are only eligible. * A student should have English proficiency or needs to undergo training for achieving proficiency in English. * Students need to have adequate financial funding to support themselves. * They must continue to be residents of their home country and have no intention of immigrating to the US. Under this visa program, students are normally admitted for up to 30 days before the start of their programme. Once admitted to the US, students are admitted until they complete their program in addition to 60 days. During the 60 additional days, students can prepare to leave the US or prepare to enrol in another course. F1-students are barred from taking up jobs during their first academic year. They, however, can take up on-campus employment, which includes doing work on school premises or at another location which must have an educational affiliation with the school. F-1 students can only work up to a maximum of up to 20 hours a week when the course is in a session They may take up full-time work when they have a vacation. After the completion of the first academic year, F-1 students are allowed to take up off-campus jobs only under certain contingent circumstances. The employment students may take up must be related to a study course or to obtain practical training, but not for English training. Usually, many F-1 students take up post-completion OPT (Optional Practical Training), which is restricted to 12 months and ought to be completed within 14 months of graduation. F-1 students with a degree in a STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) category may take OPT for 24 months. If you want to study in the US, approach Y-Axis to get guidance to file for a visa from one of its 19 offices located in India’s top eight cities.


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