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Posted on December 10 2015

Australia opens its doors to women and skilled tradesmen

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023

Australia opens its market for skilled tradesmen and women

There is an opportunity opening up for tradesmen and women looking for a chance to work in the Australian construction industry. Migrating to Australia can now be an easy task as that particular industry in that country is looking for people whose skills can be used to its best of the country. One can go to the country and choose from a verity of construction jobs in New South Wales and Queensland.

You can be a permanent residency in Australia

While the opportunities remain the same for all, the difference lies in the application process. The difference will be based on whether you are a skilled nominated applicant under the 190 subclass visa or a skilled independent under the subclass visa 189. These visas will lead you to becoming a permanent resident of the country.

The country’s temporary work visa of subclass 457, may also be useful to people in this category as the processing time is between 3 to 6 months, when compared to other types of visas that take more number of months or even years to be granted. In addition to this, people applying for the temporary work visa of subclass 457 are at a greater advantage. The visa is granted in a shorter period than the given time.

Do you have the skill?

Australia is currently looking migrants who can fill key positions like


Cabinet Makers

Carpenters, Electricians



Roof Tilers.

If you are someone looking to move to Australia permanently, or for more information of skills required to apply for an Australian PR, avail this opportunity today at Y-Axis.

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