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Posted on November 19 2020

Australia-Land of opportunities for immigrants

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023

Australia has always been a favorite destination for individuals who want to migrate to work in another country. Many factors contribute to it. The Land Down Under is home to a prosperous economy which translates into more employment opportunities, offers top=notch quality of living, is home to a diverse society where you can find people from various countries around the globe, provides social security benefits, and has peaceful environs.

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Melbourne, Australia's second-largest city, has been ranked as the most livable city globally by The Economist, a prominent international media company. The service sector is a significant revenue generator for the largest country in Oceania.

Permanent residency (PR)

With Australia's Permanent Residency (PR) visa, which has a validity of five years, you can work and reside in any part of this country. Australian PR visa holders are eligible to apply for the country's citizenship three years after securing it. PR visa holders of Australia can also bring their family members to Australia with them.

PR visa benefits 

The following are the advantages of having an Australian PR visa.

  • You can live freely and travel to any part of Australia
  • You are entitled to pursue higher education and apply for educational loans
  • You are entitled to Social Security benefits two years after acquiring a PR visa
  • If your children are born in Australia, they automatically gain its citizenship
  • You can facilitate the PRs of your relatives if they meet the eligibility qualifications
  • You are allowed to apply for employment in the government sector
  • You can even travel to New Zealand and apply for a visa while staying there

PR visa applications evaluations 

PR visa applications are usually processed via its General Skilled Migration (GSM) program.

To evaluate the PR visa applications, Australia makes use of a points-based system.

Eligibility for PR visa

To be eligible for a PR visa, an individual must obtain at least 65 points in the points grid.

Moreover, they should be aged fewer than 45, must be proficient in English, possess good health and integrity, must pass the certified in the skill assessment of authorities of Australia, and must have skills to work in a profession that is nominated in the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) of Australia.

An attractive destination for foreign students

Australia is one of the world's most desired destinations for international students. The educational institutions of this country are renowned for the educational quality and the diversity of courses they provide. Quite a few of its universities find a place in the various lists of top 100 universities of the world. In addition, Australia allows international students work options after completing their education in the country.

Work opportunities 

For many people seeking overseas careers, Australia is an appealing destination as it has on offer job opportunities in various verticals.

Besides peaceful living, Australia offers a quality lifestyle, making it a very popular place among professionals who seek a desirable livelihood overseas. It has been known to throw open its doors to overseas workers. The workplace policies are worker-friendly.

Business houses here always welcome talented professionals by keeping their doors open to welcome migrants worldwide.

People working here are entitled to rights and protection rules at the workplace just like their Australian counterparts. The salaries for employees are high and are on par with most developed nations in the world. Employees are entitled to social benefits such as free healthcare.

The Australian government offers foreign nationals different types of work visas, and these depend on the skills or the kind of work an employee is looking to work in. It also offers different types of visas depending on whether you are looking for a permanent or a temporary job.

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