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Posted on September 16 2023

‘1.2 million UK visas issued in the first 6 months of 2023’, Home Office reports

By  Editor
Updated June 24 2024

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Highlights: 1.2 million UK  visas were issued from Jan – June 2023

  • The UK issued a record number of work visas from Jan to June 2023.
  • 3,21,000 work visas were issued, 45% increase compared to the previous year.
  • One third of the work visas were for health and care professionals.
  • The UK government took this step to fulfil the workforce demands.
  • Number of student visas hiked in 2023, compared to 2022.

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157% increase in no. of visas issued compared to previous year

The UK government has issued a record number of UK work visas from Jan to Jun 2023, as employers scrambled to recruit from overseas to fulfil the workforce shortage.


According to data, from the Home Office, there was a 45% increase in the number of visas issued for migrants to work in the UK, with a total of 321,000 visas issued.


Over a third of the visas were for health and care workers, as the UK struggles to meet the staffing needs of the National Health Service and care providers.


Net migration to the UK hit a record 606,000 in 2022, largely due to an increase in student visas. The number of visas granted to international students and workers was 1.2 million from Jan to Jun 2023.


Details of no. of the UK Visas issued from Jan – Jun 2023

The table below shows all the details of invitations issued in the year 2023 till the month of June.


Visa type Number of visas issued from Jan to Jun 2023
Work visas 3,21,000
Student visas 4,98,626
Dependent visas 3,72,000
Total visas (including dependents) 1.2 Million


*Among work visas issued, the healthcare worker visas were 121,290.
Why UK is issuing more number of visas in 2023?


The government has responded to the labour shortages by expanding the shortage occupation list, which allows employers to hire skilled workers from outside the UK more easily.


In addition to the labour shortages, the UK is also facing a shortage of skilled workers in technology and engineering sectors.


The government has said that it is working to address this problem by investing in education and training. The issue of immigration is rising, and there is no other solution, except inviting people from overseas.


The government will need to balance the need to control immigration with the need to attract skilled workers and meet the demands of the economy.


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