Immigrants Overseas 

Do you need visa services?

If your intent is genuine and your documentation is strong, it is very simple and easy to get a visit visa for any country.

Most Popular Visa Categories

For those who wish to visit a country for business purposes.

You could be going in to meet overseas clients or potential partners, to do a survey/review of the market, to open a branch / to get trained by an overseas partner / to pitch for business / to attend a fair or conference.

For those looking to visit a country for a holiday. Examples: holiday / tourism / visit a friend or relative / organized tour etc...

For those whose spouse / parents are on a student or work visa & these applicants wish to join them.

For those whose spouse / parents are on an immigration visa & these applicants wish to join them.

Do you need travel services?

At X! Services we offer all services so that you don’t have to fret over small things.

  • Visa Services
  • Travel Insurance
  • SIM Card
  • Concierge

Do you need concierge services?

Y-Axis provides a range of Concierge Services for those who do not have the time to do it themselves. We offer to remove the headache and bother of running from pillar to post for simple administrative tasks in the middle of your busy day saving you the trouble of applying for leave and literally reinventing the wheel.
Our services include:

  • Notary
  • Attestation of documents
  • Embassy Attestation
  • Collection of Transcripts
  • Translations of Documents to any language
  • IELTS Slot Booking
  • DD Services
  • Collection of bank statements (from your respective banks)
  • Application Filling
  • Collection of Certificates from the Universities as mentioned below-
  • Mark Transcripts
  • Degree Certificate
  • Duplicate Degree Certificate
  • Reference Letter
  • Medium of Instruction from College
  • Syllabus copy
  • Mark Sheet
  • Duplicate Mark Sheet
  • School Certificate

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Do you need relocation and settlement services? 

(For those who need long-term accommodation, guest house, paying guests…)

Service Provider: Y-AXIS Relocation and Settlement Services Department

These services are for those who are going on a temporary or permanent basis. You can avail of these services if you’re going on a short holiday or for a long stay
Our Post Landing Services include:
Before you leave, we can help you:

  • Purchase Health Insurance
  • Purchase Foreign Exchange
  • Get a local SIM card & telephone number          

After you arrive in the country our services include:
Airport Pick up
You will be picked up from the airport and dropped at the hotel / house. This will be by a Y-Axis representative in the city you are landing in. 
Temporary Accommodation Assistance
This will be a hotel you can stay in as soon as you arrive. We will fix one according to your budget. Y-Axis has tied up with a number of hotels all over the world. 
Permanent Accommodation Assistance
For those who have decided on a place and want a house to stay in. This is only for clients who are sure about staying in one place. It is better to first land in the city and get the job before you find permanent accommodation. This ensures you stay close to the work place.
Relocation Assistance
A kit containing details you will require to settle into the new country.
Personal Guide 
A one hour tour & personal orientation of the city you are arriving in. This will be done by a Y-Axis Representative.