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Posted on May 04 2022

Switzerland and Greece remove all COVID travel restrictions

By  Editor
Updated June 29 2024

Travelers worldwide can now enter Switzerland and Greece, as the concerned governments have dropped all the COVID-19 related entry rules. According to Schengen VisaInfo reports, Switzerland’s state secretariat and the Greek Ministry of Health decided to drop the pandemic rules by April.


Switzerland State Secretariat

 The State secretariat for migration stated that “The entryway restrictions for Switzerland which were currently active will be relaxed from May 02. From this date, the conventional rules for the entry in Switzerland will be applied, which means basic border measures will be required for travelers.


From now onwards, the travelers can visit or enter Switzerland either from EU or non-EU countries without even providing vaccination or recovery certificates.


Swiss authorities wanted to make use of this summer to hit and bounce back to the economy it was pre-pandemic by relaxing the entry rules for travelers. The foreign nationals who want to reach Switzerland must follow only the entry rules like holding a valid passport and/or valid visa. This decision also includes the rate of infections and vaccinations.


According to the World Health Organization (WHO) statistics, recently, Switzerland has registered 1747 new Coronavirus cases past seven days.


Considering Switzerland’s Federal office health report as of April 19, the government has dispensed 15,664,046 covid-19 vaccine doses.


Vaccination Dose Percentage of vaccinated
Primary Vaccination 69.1
Booster Shot 42.8


During April, the citizens of Switzerland and travelers enjoyed the new relaxation that the Switzerland Government sets. Travelers have visited public places, and many ground events have been seen without even wearing a mask.


After Switzerland, Greece has also relaxed the entry rules.

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The Greek Ministry of Health

The Ministry stated that “From the beginning of the month of May, the visitors reaching Greece no longer need to follow the Covid-19 protocols whichever country they belong. There is no mandated requirement of vaccination or test certificates and no proofs to be submitted for recovery after the arrival to the country”.


The Greece Government also stated that they are soon lifting the domestic measures of Covid-19 infection. By dropping these restrictions in the Greece country, travelers will now be safe in accessing the restaurants, cafes, bars, and other public places without even carrying their vaccination or test certificates. This will ensure the Greece economy to boost by welcoming more travelers to visit the country.


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Before May 01

The Greece government used to have a ‘locator form’ for passengers to fill in. Before and during the pandemic, this requirement was applied to all travelers from different nations. From March 15, there is no need to submit the locator form by any citizen of any origin country. They are permitted directly, with no such record.


The Greek Government decided to drop the rules and regulations of covid-19 protocols to attract more travelers to boost the economy. This decision also includes the vaccination and infection rates.


According to the World Health Organization (WHO) statistics, recently, Greece has registered 43,594 new Coronavirus cases past seven days.


Considering the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), the Greek authorities’ health report as of April 29, the government has dispensed 20,742,496 covid-19 vaccine doses.


Vaccination Dose Percentage of vaccinated
Primary Vaccination 82.2
Booster Shot 64.9


Thanos Plevris, The Greek Minister of Health:

The Greek Minister of health plans to revive these entry rules and restrictions after the summer season for the visitors coming to Greece on a travel visa, i.e., around September.


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Like Greece, Bulgaria, and Lithuania, the two other countries also relaxed Covid-19 entry rules from May 05. This means that there the entry to Bulgaria and Lithuania will be free.


Along with these three countries (Greece, Bulgaria, and Lithuania), the other 12 European Union (EU) and European Economic Area (EEA) countries are Poland, Norway, Denmark, Czechia, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Sweden, Romania, Switzerland, and Slovenia also relaxed the restrict and made the entry accessible for travelers.


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Covid rules relaxed for Greece

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