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Posted on January 31 2023

Most affordable Germany universities 2023

By  Editor
Updated April 27 2023

Most affordable Germany universities 2023

Germany, the world’s fourth-largest economy, is also known for its world-class universities. Moreover, they offer one of the cheapest educational systems in the world for foreign students. Moreover, many German universities also offer tuition-free education for undergraduate students. In fact, some institutions do not charge any tuition fees.

Foreign students also need to show evidence of having sufficient financial resources when they apply for student visas. It means they should have assets of a minimum of €10,350 in a savings account, allowing them to withdraw up to €861 per month.

Heidelberg University

The Heidelberg University, officially referred to as the Ruprecht Karls Universitat Heidelberg, founded in 1386, is Germany’s oldest university.  Because of its multidisciplinary teaching methods, it has earned fame as one of the world’s top universities.

Students can opt for diverse degree programs at Heidelberg University, including computer science, economics, mathematics, natural sciences, law, social sciences, and medicine. This university offers tuition-free degree programs to students.

Humboldt University of Berlin

The Humboldt University of Berlin is a place where students from all walks of life congregate. It is renowned for offering varied types of disciplines, such as arts, humanities, and the natural sciences. As of now, it is home to 30,000 students, both German and international, in various programs.

Established in 1810, it is one of the oldest institutions in Berlin of higher education. Because of its multicultural environment, it draws students from all across the planet.

Karlsruher Institute of Technology

Founded in 2009, the Karlsruher Institute of Technology, KIT, is one of the major research universities in Germany.

It is located in Karlsruhe, and many foreign students flock to it yearly. In fact, it has become one of the top institutions in Europe for engineering and natural sciences.

It is home now to more than 25,000 students pursuing varied courses across eleven faculties.

Ludwig Maximilians University

Munich-based Ludwig Maximilians University is one of the top global research institutions. It is reputed for its world-class teaching standards. One of the largest universities in Germany, this university accommodates over 50,000 students.

It offers courses in disciplines such as business, law, medicine, and physical sciences, among others. It provides tuition-free education in most courses.

Technical University of Munich

Established in 1868, the Technical University of Munich is famed for providing quality education in science, technology, mathematics, and engineering (STEM) to students from across the globe. TUM, which has additional campuses in Freising-Weihenstephan and Garching, is one of Germany’s most highly-rated educational institutions.

It is renowned for providing architecture, chemistry, electrical and computer engineering, information technology, and mathematics, among others. You need not pay any tuition fees to attend this.

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