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Posted on February 13 2023

My journey as a Software Developer from India to Canada

By  Editor
Updated April 27 2023

My journey as a Software Developer from India to Canada

Born in a higher middle-class family, I was the eldest child of my parents, and four years later, my younger sister was born. Being the only children on both our paternal and maternal sides of the family, we were treated with loads of love and care. We were a happy family of four.

I got to go to the best schools in the city and, fortunately, was a good student in the class. I always believed in living in the moment and not planning too hard for my future. I grew very close to my father, who always told me to study Information Technology as he thought it would fit me the best. I followed my heart and father's words and completed my Bachelor of Technology in IT.

I got admission to one of the city's best colleges, and after completing my studies, I got a job in one of the leading IT service companies of the world as a Software Engineer. After working for a few years, I switched to another largest company in the world and got a chance to go to the United States of America for a year.

After coming back from there, I started feeling something was missing in my life, and I wanted to move back to the USA. But soon after, the US government began restricting migrations to the country. Then I thought of applying for Canada PR, and I came across Y-Axis, and all my problems ended as they took the entire charge of assisting me with my PR filing, starting from filling out forms for Express Entry.

Express Entry

The Express Entry system has been introduced in Canada by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to fast forward the entire process of immigration to the country.

Y-Axis assisted me in:

  • Eligibility Check: Through the instant immigration points calculator for Canada by Y-Axis, I checked my eligibility score. I scored 80 points in it.
  • Resume preparation: Y-Axis assisted me by writing my resume for the job search in Ontario, Canada.
  • IELTS coaching: As they suggested, I have started taking IELTS coaching provided by Y-Axis, and the IELTS professionals taught well. One has to score above seven in their exams, and I scored a good 13 and qualified in the Express Entry system.
  • ECA report: Y-Axis also assists you in getting the Educational credential assessment for Express Entry done quickly.
  • Job Search: The Company has even assisted me in searching for Software Development work in Ontario. Their team consistently connected with employers overseas based on my work preferences. Thanks to Y-Axis, I received an offer letter from a massive IT firm in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
  • Visa Interview: Y-Axis prepared me to face the interview process, making me clear it successfully.

Invitation to Apply

With my family's continuous support and my father's golden suggestions, I had an excellent Express Entry profile, which led me to receive the ITA.

Applying for Canada PR

I started completing the application upon receiving the Invitation to Apply. Y-Axis professionals helped me prepare a document checklist, and with their help, I submitted my application for Canada PR, IRCC.

The application processing took me about six months, and I caught the flight to Toronto.

In Ontario, Canada

This entire journey to Toronto was a prominent landmark of achievements in my life. The people in Canada are amicable & welcoming, and the country has a multicultural society here. I also have accommodation here in Toronto, which is close to my workplace. I am getting more adjusted to the country and work day by day.

I am bringing my parents here as, through all these years, I have become closer to them. Also, I can now realize what I want in my life.

If you are also interested in immigrating to Canada, contact Y-Axis - the right path is the Y-path, i.e., Y-Axis.   


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