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Posted on June 28 2024

Canada’s citizenship bill changes delayed to Aug 2024

By  Editor
Updated June 28 2024

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Highlights: Canada delays citizenship bill changes to August 2024

  • Amendments to Canada's first-generation limit (FGL) to pass on Canadian Citizenship are delayed till August.
  • Under the FGL rule, children of Canadian Citizenship born outside Canada will not qualify for Citizenship automatically.
  • Changes have already been implemented toward rectifying the FGL rule.
  • Solutions to the FGL issue are extended till August 09, 2024.


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What is the FGL rule?

The first-generation limit (FGL) rule states that children of Canadian citizens born outside Canada will not qualify for Canadian Citizenship automatically. The IRCC has delayed the changes to be implemented to the FGL rule until August 2024.


The Supreme Court of Ontario had previously decided that amendments to the FGL rule were to be implemented within the Canadian Citizenship Act. The decision was ruled out later as it would have led to the creation of “a lesser class of citizenship”. The court decided to take up the issue on June 19, 2024.


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Changes delayed to the FGL rule

The Ontario Supreme Court has allowed an extension on the FGL issue to the federal government. The issue is extended till August 09, 2024and contains further conditions.


An IRCC spokesperson affirmed that a hearing is to be arranged on August 01, 2024, to discuss if the issue can be extended till December 2024. The presiding judge also asked for a progress report on implementing Bill C-71. The FGL changes may be delayed until December 2024 as the House of Commons was adjourned for summer break till mid-September.


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Changes already implemented towards the FGL rule

On May 30, 2024, the IRCC implemented certain changes toward rectifying the FGL rule, which can grant Canadian Citizenship to foreign immigrants. Under these interim measures, immigrants who had applied for faster processing of a "discretionary grant of citizenship" can become Canadian nationals.


These measures are applicable under two probabilities: 


Probability one: The candidate has applied under urgent processing criteria and has provided proof of citizenship application that is subject to FGL rule change.


Probability two: The candidate has submitted proof of citizenship application, which has been identified as affected by the FGL rule by IRCC. The application was de-prioritised until new rules become effective but the candidate has applied under urgent processing criteria.


Benefits of Canadian Citizenship

The following are the benefits of acquiring Citizenship in Canada:


  • Migrate, work, and settle in Canada permanently
  • Access to voting rights in Canada
  • Can form and run a political party
  • Enjoy dual Citizenship
  • Travel visa-free to eligible countries with a Canadian passport


Note: There is no legal requirement for Permanent Residents to opt for Canadian Citizenship.


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