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Posted on June 26 2012

Y-Axis is a very professional organization in terms of its service and quality!

By  Editor
Updated April 26 2023
Hello, I am writing this as a token of appreciation for the work Y-Axis has done so far. Right from the day one of me getting to know of Y-Axis, it has been a comfortable and a peaceful journey, till I got my visa grant letter. Y-Axis is a very professional organization in terms of its service and quality. For instance, in my case, even though there was a change in the process consultant, the transition was so smooth that I did not even feel that I had to remind something for the new case officer. This person knew about me as much as the old one did. In terms of escalations, every time I demanded something from Y-Axis’s end (Which was seldom), my voice was immediately heard and response time was almost immediate every time. I am much impressed by this. Y-Axis gives you the comfort of someone who is always watching your back, so that there is very minimal margin for errors. Almost always, for every query that I had, there was no I-will –find-that-out-and-let-you-know answers. It was always precise and direct. Y-Axis made my Visa process very predictable, hence there were no shocks/surprises. This has made Y-Axis the “GO-TO” people for Australian Visas. I have recommended them to all my friends/colleagues who were asking me for help. I would take this opportunity to personally thank Chaitanya, my process consultant, a lot for his help and professionalism that was shown. He never delayed in replying nor answering to some of my queries over a call. Thanks, Sukumar

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