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Posted on March 29 2018

Sasikumar AD, thanks Soma

By  Editor
Updated April 26 2023
 Hi Team,

I have already attempted the IELTS test last year and couldn’t score enough. So, I thought I would take proper coaching and attempt it again this year. After this coaching, I realised how much I had to prepare for the test. Last time round, I was overconfident and that reflected in my result.

I was hesitant to take the coaching online as I thought it wouldn’t be lively. Now I don’t regret a bit about it. Soma was supportive and made sure all of us had a chance to interact. Only thing I would suggest is to have the coaching for five weeks, allowing the students to practice all the modules in the last week. Great work, guys.

Regards, Sasikumar AD Review By:
Sasikumar AD

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