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Posted on April 08 2014

Got Germany Visa Thanks To Y-Axis, VISHNUKANT for his support

By  Editor
Updated April 26 2023
Hello Team!!! How are you !! Hope everything is good at ur end !! First of all Thank You for the support with respect to Germany Job Seeker Visa. I am very grateful to Y-Axis for helping me with getting Germany Job seeker Visa and especially to VISHNUKANT for his support. It was unfortunate that my application was rejected for the first time but Thanks to Vishnukant for his work and dedication towards my application and not loosing hope and help me in getting the Germany Job Seeker Visa. Vishnukant has been a great help and support. He made my application very strong.I am very delighted with his work and support. With out it ... it was not possible. Thank You again for the support Y Axis and Vishnukant, May God bless him. Regards Mohammed Faris

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