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Posted on March 23 2022

Top 10 Most Accepting Countries for Migrants

By  Editor
Updated January 10 2024

Canada ranks at the top of the list of the country that has the most migrants in the world. Even after the changes done in the US immigration policies recently, the US features in the list among the top 10 for accepting more immigrants in the world for migrants in 2019.

List of top 10 countries for immigrants

The list of the top 10 countries for immigrants is given further in the blog.

The recent global survey for the Migrant Acceptance Index by Gallup's second administration announced their findings of the survey. Gallup is a firm for worldwide analytics and advice Gallup has been conducting studies in more than 100 countries. It has tracked global issues of concern since the first Gallup World Poll conducted in 2005.

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The survey questionnaire for the Gallup World Poll consists of more than a hundred questions. It addresses regional as well as international items. Citizens from different parts of the globe were asked the same questions. They were asked the same way every time. Gallup came up with the trends of data by comparing the countries participating directly.

Gallup surveyed through telephones in those countries wherever telephonic communications were available for the survey. In the countries where this facility was not available in-person interviews were conducted for random sampling of families.

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At least a thousand individuals are interviewed in the survey for Gallup World Poll.

The countries which are larger in area, like China and Russia, have a sample size of 2000 for the survey.

The participants in the sample population of 145 countries were interviewed for the recent survey. The index asks the same three questions to the participants all over the world. Their thoughts on immigrants coming to the country, living in the neighborhoods, and marrying the native citizens, are asked.

The maximum score is 9.0, which implies that the participants are accepting of the immigrants. The minimum score is 0, indicating that the natives negatively perceive the immigrants coming to the country. If the score is higher, the country is more welcoming of immigrants.

Canada had secured 8.46 in the survey making it the most hospitable of all the nations for immigrants. In 2019, it secured the first rank in the Migrant Acceptance Index authorized by Gallup. In 2017, Canada had the fourth most accepting nation for immigrants.

The US was placed at the sixth spot by securing a 7.95 score in the last survey. In 2017, the US had the 9th position on the list.

Best Countries for Immigrants

The countries that are the most hospitable for immigrants are listed below:

Gallup World Poll 2019
Country Migrant Acceptance Index
Canada 8.46
Iceland 8.41
New Zealand 8.32
Australia 8.28
Sierra Leone 8.14
US 7.95
Burkina Faso* 7.93
Sweden 7.92
Chad* 7.91
Ireland* 7.88


The result of the survey conducted in 2016-2017 is given below:

Gallup World Poll 2016-17
Country Migrant Acceptance Index
Iceland 8.26
New Zealand 8.25
Rwanda 8.16
Canada 8.14
Sierra Leone 8.05
Mali 8.03
Australia 7.98
Sweden 7.92
US 7.86
Nigeria 7.76


Hopefully, the list of top countries for immigrants was useful to you.

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