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Posted on April 04 2022

Singapore work permit’s application procedures

By  Editor
Updated January 10 2024

If you want to pursue a career in Singapore, you need to land  a job in that country and apply for the work visa there. Singapore's work visa, known as a work permit, allows foreigners to work in the country temporarily or permanently.   Except for the Personalized Employment Pass (PEP), all work visas in Singapore are connected with a particular employer in that country.   *

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Here are the details of Singapore's three standard work permits:  

Employment Pass (EP) The first step is to get a job in Singapore. Following that, your employer must apply for an employment pass (EP) on your behalf. You may get an EP or S Pass based on your work experience and educational qualifications. You must get a job that pays a minimum fixed monthly salary of 3,900 SGD and have the eligibility criteria to apply for the EP. In case your qualifications or experience exceed the eligibility requirements, your salary will be on par with your experience.   To obtain an EP, you need to have a degree or a diploma or degree from a recognized institution, skills, and sufficient work experience.   In special cases, if applicants do not have necessary educational criteria, they may still be considered for an EP if they have other factors that may work in their favor, such as current job profile, earnings, and high level of expertise, besides certification of employers, tax deductions and have additional skill sets.

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Personalized Employment Pass (PEP) The PEP, which is not employer-dependent, allows you to pursue job opportunities in Singapore without impacting the legality of the PEP. PEP holders can pursue new job opportunities and stay in Singapore for up to 6 months while searching for jobs. But the PEP is valid only for three years and is non-renewable.   To apply for PEP, you must either be currently holding an EP or a migrant worker who has not been without a job for more than six months.  

S Pass

To apply for S Pass, you must be a current EP holder or a migrant worker who has not been without a job for more than six months.

  • Additionally, S Pass is granted to an applicant with average skills with a job offer in Singapore.
  • Applicants should earn a monthly salary of 2,500 SGD and have a proper degree or a professional diploma.
  • Although this work permit is valid for 1-2 years, it can be extended as long as the employer retains the employee.
  • If you work with this work permit for a certain number of years in this southeast Asian country, you will be eligible for permanent residency.
  • The application for S Pass costs 105 SGD.

Documents required  

  • ACRA, the national regulator of financial reporting, business registration, corporate service providers, and public accountants, should have the company's most recent business profile or immediate details.
  • A page of the candidate's passport that contains his/her personal information.
  • Suppose the names of candidates on their passports differ from their other documents. In that case, they should include a letter of explanation and supporting documentation, such as a deed poll or an affidavit.

  Dependant's pass (DP)

If you have relocated to Singapore with your spouse or parents, who may be holders of EP or PEP, you will most likely get a Dependant's Pass (DP). DP Holders are permitted to work in Singapore without a work visa. Their employers will apply for a Letter of Consent (LOC) so that they can work legally.  

Work permit application process

Employers need to apply for work passes on behalf of the employee. At times, employers may hire a recruitment agency to help them in this process.    

Required documents   

  • Applicants must obtain written permission from their employers to apply on their behalf. Copy of their personal information page on their passports.
  • Educational certificates of employees verified by a designated certification agency.
  • The applicant's employer's latest business profile as registered with the ACRA.
  • After the application has been submitted, the time taken to process it is about three weeks for online applications and eight weeks for posted applications.

Eligibility criteria for a work permit

Applicants must have a valid passport, must be older than 18 years, and are eligible to work within the work profile as detailed in the work permits given by the authorities.

Work permit conditions

You, as an employee, must not work with any other company or start a company on your own and should not marry a Singaporean citizen or a permanent resident who is living within Singapore or elsewhere without obtaining the approval of the Minister of Manpower.   You should reside only at the address given at the commencement of the job by the employer and must carry on you the original work permit at all times to produce it to any public official for on-demand review.    

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Applying for Singapore’s work permit



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