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Posted on August 27 2020

Pros and cons of choosing a prep course for your GRE exam

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023
GRE Coaching

When it comes to preparing for the GRE, you might find the option of a prep course helpful especially of you find the various sections of the exam are a challenge or you find it difficult to do self-study.

When it comes to choosing a prep course, you can either opt for an in-person coaching program or for an online coaching program. Here we explore the pros and cons of both these modes of learning.

In-person coaching program

A prep course taught in-person over a few months at a regular time that fits with your schedule, complete with homework reports and attendance records could just work for you.


You'll have a real person to explain the concepts to you and answer your questions in real-time, which is extremely beneficial if you're genuinely unsure about a specific idea or question. Attending an in-person coaching program will help keep you on track with your planning and make sure you're doing some daily planning at least, and you'll be accountable to someone else for the work you've completed.

If you learn well with other people in a classroom setting, prep courses will provide that.


You have to sit through the whole course, which probably won’t be closely tailored to your needs. Most courses are aimed at all three sections of the GRE, which may not be helpful for you. This means you’ll probably have to spend at least some time doing preparation for sections you don’t really need to.

You won't get the same kind of individual attention and tailored to your needs as you will get from a mentor or a successful online learning program.

The consistency of the professor for the preparatory courses is highly variable, and there is often no way to opt for a particular.

Because most training courses are delivered by branded test-prep firms, their branded resources will have to be used. It means that you will not always be having the best training tools for class use.

In-person preparatory courses are typically very expensive.

When should you opt for a prep course?

If you have a higher prep budget, believe you are learning more in a classroom, and you need a coaching program that keeps you on track and accountable, a prep course may be a good choice. Otherwise, your money could be better spent on a tailor-made online coaching program.

If you choose the option of an in-person prep course, before you select one, try to get as much information as possible.

Online coaching program


A successful online training software gives you flexibility and is tailored to overcome your weak areas so you get the GRE support you really need online without having to do too much study of subjects where you are already strong. The curriculum is tailored for you, so you don't have to waste time organizing study sessions and seeking support. You can also spend as many hours as you want, without having to prepare in advance.

Online prep courses are comparatively cheaper than in-person courses or private tutors.


If the curriculum isn't suited to your individual needs, it's just like going through a prep book, in which case you might as well self-study.

Mostly you are accountable only to yourself, and if you are struggling to study regularly, an online program will not help. You do not have access to an instructor or mentor to clarify concepts that bother you, which can be a challenge if you come up against a difficult concept or question.

Why should you choose an online prep program?

If you're intimidated by the idea of having to prepare yourself for GRE, but you want a lot of flexibility about when and where you can prepare, then maybe an online course is for you.

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