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Posted on February 28 2023

My journey as a HR from India to Canada

By  Editor
Updated April 27 2023

My journey as a HR from India to Canada

Since childhood, I have been an average student and did well in all the co-curricular activities. I used to participate in elocution competitions, debate competitions, sports events, science exhibitions, etc. Being the eldest child of my working parents, I have always been the one whom my parents can rely on. I always took good care of my younger sister very well, and we share a special bond.

While all my classmates were deciding what they wanted to pursue after our senior secondary exams, I was sure of getting a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA). I was never a brilliant child, but I have always been a hard worker and a hustler. I pursued a Bachelor’s in Commerce and took coaching to prepare for CAT side by side. I learned a lot while preparing for the coaching and enjoyed the classes. They say you get success when you start to enjoy the journey. I don’t know whether, due to my love for the classes or my intelligence, I got an excellent score on the exam and got a chance to get admitted to one of the best MBA colleges in India.

One year passed at my college, and now I was supposed to choose my honors paper in the second year. My professors suggested I take Human Resources, and I chose the same. After finishing college with very good marks, I was immediately placed in a terrific multinational company. I worked there for two years and started to take my career very seriously.

At that time, I heard of my colleague applying for a Canada work visa as massive opportunities were coming in the country. My colleague was consulting with Y-Axis, the most prominent immigration and career consulting company in the world. And from there, I learned about the company and would like to discuss how its services helped me get into the country.

Express Entry System

Y-Axis guides you through the entire Express Entry system that has been established to fill labor shortages in the country by inviting immigrants.

Let’s discuss all the assistance they provide in details!

  • Resume preparation: Y-Axis also provides resume writing services, so their clients get good jobs in Canada and migrate there for work.
  • Educational Credential Assessment report: The Y-Axis team also prepared an ECA report for me to make it attractive enough for Express Entry.
  • Job Search: The team Y-Axis research meticulously to select the most suitable job for you. The company has designed job search services to find a good job for their client.
  • Visa Interview: Y-Axis also prepares its clients for visa interviews.

Invitation to Apply

Finally, all my dreams came true, and I received the Invitation to Apply from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Before this, all my achievements were meant for me, but I earned them with all my best efforts this time. That day I realized what it is to work for something tirelessly and then ultimately achieve it.

Applying for Canada PR

With all the support from Y-Axis, I completed the Canada PR application. Their efforts to get me the visa were commendable. I don’t think any other company can do all these tasks this well.

In Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

The application took six months to process, and I reached Canada in the winter. My family came with me and stayed until I got appropriately settled. I was so lucky to witness the first snowfall in Canada that year. God! It was just like heaven on earth.

I am doing well at my job and in the country with the most welcoming people. My heartfelt thanks to Y-Axis for converting this dream into reality!


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