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Posted on October 19 2022

Malaysia launched 'DE Rantau Nomad Pass’, for enticing digital nomads

By  Editor
Updated May 10 2023


Highlights for Malaysian 'DE Rantau Nomad Pass’

Malaysian government launches a digital nomad visa for workers who work remotely, and named it 'DE Rantau Nomad Pass’.

Malaysia will accept applications for digital nomad visas from October 1, 2022.

A digital nomad visa is a multiple-entry program that has its own requirement, fees, and validity.

Malaysian 'DE Rantau Nomad Pass’

Malaysia will begin considering online applications for the new digital nomad pass from 1st October. This visa is named 'DE Rantau Nomad Pass’.

Individuals who have an annual income of around $24,000 are eligible to apply for this visa and can stay along with their dependents for 3-12 months in Malaysia. The validity can be extended for one more year if eligible.

Malaysia is the one of the newest country to provide digital nomad visas for individuals to remote work without even taking leave from the work. At present, the Bahamas, Cyprus, Estonia, Malta, and Thailand are the countries that offer digital nomad visas post-pandemic.  

What is a digital nomad visa?

 A digital nomad visa grants an individual the to work remotely from any foreign country.

Generally, these visas are short-term and provide a great opportunity to travel and work across the globe.

To obtain a digital nomad visa, the employer needs to provide tax and other regulatory issues for the employee. The employee needs to submit these to get the visa.

A digital nomad visa is called a multiple-entry program.

Usually, a tourist visa allows a single entry scheme having validity of just 3-months.

But here the nomad visa applicant needs to submit proof of their work or employment with the company and pay the necessary fees.

Requirements of Digital Nomad Visa

To obtain a digital nomad visa, the following are the requirements:

  • Application form for Digital nomad visa
  • Passport copy
  • Active health insurance copy
  • Proof of funds (financial income)
  • Evidence for doing remote work (business license, clients, work contract)
  • Other necessary documents (birth certificate, Resume, academics, etc.)

Digital Nomad Visa Application Process

 Apply for a digital nomad visa with the instructions mentioned below:

  • Fill up the nomad visa application form.
  • Fix an appointment with the remote place’s embassy or consulate.
  • Set your documents ready
  • Submit your application.

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Web Story: Malaysia government launched ‘DE Rantau Nomad Pass Program’ for individuals to work remotely


Malaysian 'DE Rantau Nomad Pass’

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