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Posted on September 15 2022

Germany eases immigration rules to avoid shortage of 2.5 lakh skilled workers

By  Editor
Updated January 13 2024

Highlights for Germany’s immigration rules

  • Germany plans to relax its immigration policies and plans to provide dual citizenship, along with this special citizenship status to attract more foreign skilled workers.
  • Dual citizenship and the special citizenship status are valid for 3–5 years for skilled workers after satisfying certain criteria.
  • Germany will face a shortage of 240,000 skilled workers in the coming four years.
  • Germany aims to attract both academic and vocational skills.
  • The overall application process is also getting simplified to apply for citizenship in Germany.

New immigration rule in Germany

The new immigration rule in Germany means, planning to ease its immigration system to bring in more foreign skilled workers. Germany is also taking steps to give dual citizenship and special citizenship status to skilled workers. These are valid for 3 to 5 years provided they meet certain criteria.

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The German government is aiming at attracting both academic and vocational skills. It is forecasted that Germany will have a shortfall of 240,000 skilled workers in the coming four years.

In order to handle the labor shortages in the country, Germany plans to take a step forward in the right direction by relaxing the immigration system. This will attract more foreign skilled workers.

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Germany to allow international workers to reduce staff shortages

Considering the increase in labor shortages, the EU member country is in search of people who express interest in coming to Germany. These people will work and project their expertise, skills, and talent that benefits the nation’s labor market.

In-demand occupations for Germany




Electrical Engineers

Hospitality Professionals

IT Professionals

Metallurgy Workers


Physicians and Scientists

Skilled Craftspeople

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Germany to allow international workers to reduce staff shortages

Prediction by Hubertus Heil, Labour Minister

The Labor Minister, Hubertus Heil predicts that by the year

2026, there will be a shortage of around 240,000 skilled workers. The reason for this shortage could be the digital transformation of the nation’s economy during the pandemic. Another reason could be the Ukraine war that is creating

new challenges to the German labor market.

In November 2021, Germany announced plans to accept non-EU citizens

to have dual nationality. This was done for the very first time by Germany. Before

that, it was allowed only for a few, that too under particular circumstances.

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The authorities are also working on simplification of the entire application process. This will basically reduce the time a person must stay in Germany before applying for German citizenship.

This major move by the German Government is to improve and revamp the immigration laws. It will also remove complications in procedures that will make it easier to access the labor market in Germany.

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