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Posted on September 10 2022

Germany is planning to launch points-based ‘green cards’

By  Editor
Updated January 13 2024

Highlights of Germany points-based Green Cards

  • Germany has plans to make its immigration process easy.
  • Germany also has plans to make the process of citizenship easier.
  • Germany is planning for the introduction of new points system so that immigrants can migrate to Germany without a job offer.

Germany to launch new points-based green cards

Germany has made plans to make an announcement for overhauling its immigration process. This overhauling will help the immigrants to settle ad work in Germany easily. Along with this, Germany is also planning to make the process of getting citizenship easily. Another aspect on which Germany is working is the new points-based immigration system. This system will be made to invite the candidates to migrate to Germany without any job offer.

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New German Green Card

In order to meet the challenge of shortage of workers, the government is going to introduce a new green card which will be known as opportunity card or Chancenkarte. The German job seeker visa is already available but the green card will make it easier for the individuals to get a job in Germany.

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Germany to allow international workers to reduce staff shortages

Eligibility criteria for the green card

There are four conditions in the eligibility criteria and candidates have to fulfill any of the three. The criteria are listed below:

  • Candidates should have a professional qualification or a university degree.
  • The professional experience for the candidates should be at least three years.
  • Candidates should either have language skills or they should have previous residence in Germany.
  • The age of the applicants should be under 35.

The German government will issue a limited number of cards on year by year basis. The cards will be issued on the basis of the demand of the job market.

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