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Posted on September 10 2022

Germany is planning to grant citizenship in 3 years

By  Editor
Updated January 13 2024

Highlights of Germany citizenship

  • Germany is looking out to attract more workers to retrain in education further.
  • Around 240,000 skilled workers shortage is experienced in Germany in various industries by 2026.
  • Germany is planning to provide citizenship in three years for foreigners.
  • Citizenship will be possible in five years for the future and for the people who are deemed to have integrated with the skills, citizenship will be getting in three years.

Germany Citizenship

The labor ministry has stated that Europe’s biggest economy, Germany is searching for more skilled workers and planning pieces of training and retaking the necessary skill education for the current workers.

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Currently, Germany is facing a shortage of workers who are skilled in many industries. The ministry says, there is a shortage of around 240,000 skilled workers by 2026.

Germany is working on providing citizenship to immigrants who are skilled and integrated within just three years under the revamped immigration system.

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70,000 Blue Card Holders in Germany in 2021

Germany to allow international workers to reduce staff shortages

An 80 million populated country is currently combating a huge shortage which is around a quarter of a million workers by 2026. The country of 80 million is battling to accommodate a huge shortage of around 250,000 million skilled workers by 2026.

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Hubertus Heil, Germany's Labour Minister in his words....

The search for skilled labor is an objective question for many businesses. Currently, Germany is in dire need of skilled labor, this is required to maintain the digitization of the country’s economy and the shift toward becoming climate-neutral.

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Germany makes getting a PR easier, with the new bill on Wednesday

The labor market is facing many new challenges which include the pandemic, the digital transformation of the economy, and the Ukraine war impact too.

The ministry has predicted a strategy to handle the current issue by improving the training and revamping the immigration system.

The German government is clearing the clutter to make things easier for people, who are from different nationalities and make the naturalization or citizenship process easier.

Naturalization or citizenship might be possible after five years rather than eight years which is happening currently and in some cases it is in three years for those who are considered to have integrated especially. This strategy will be submitted to the cabinet in the autumn for consideration.

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