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Posted on June 21 2022

Europe’s Safest Countries to Travel in 2022-23

By  Editor
Updated January 09 2024


  • Switzerland is regarded as one of Europe’s safest countries to travel to this year.
  • Spainis one of the popular destinations for immigrants and those who want to visit this country.
  • Considering the crime rates, pollution levels, and healthcare factors, these rankings are given.

As per recent studies by Forbes...

According to a recent Forbes study, the European Union countries will provide the safest environments for traveling in the year 2022.

Switzerland is one of the most secure nations in Europe to visit during this summer season. The research study considers analysed metrics like quality of healthcare, bathing waters, pollution levels, crime rates, and the rate of thefts and homicides, then made a final ‘safety score’.

Forbes Advisor Ranking Score

The following table depicts the Forbes Advisor ranking to travel along with their ‘Safe Score.’











Czech Republic


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In Detailed:


Out of 29 European nations, Switzerland is considered one of the top-ranking nations on the Forbes List.

  • The highest quality of the best healthcare system is 893/1000
  • Excellent quality of bathing waters is 93%
  • IQAir’s measurements of Air with a diameter is <2.5 micrometres
  • Lowest Crime rate and homicides.
  • Provides phenomenal food and vibrant local cultures.

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Slovenia, with a safe score of 82.3, stands second on the Forbes list.

  • The average level of pollution is 13.3 PM2.5
  • The quality of healthcare is 678/1000
  • The quality of bathing water is 85%
  • Low rate of murders and attractive bathing places

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Portugal is listed as the third-best nation with a safe score of 82.1.

  • The lowest air pollution rate is 7.1 PM2.5
  • Excellent water quality 93%
  • Best Healthcare (After Germany)

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Austria is considered the fourth safest country to travel to this year, with a safe score of 81.4.

It has high percentages of bathing water, 98% Quality of Health care 799

The rate of homicides is low, reaching 8.2 per million residents.

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Germany is in fifth place, with a safe score of 81.2.

  • The country has excellent bath water reaching 93 % (safe for tourists, especially swimmers).
  • Ranks third in the air quality at 10.6 PM2.5
  • The small number of homicides per million is 6.9

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The Spainis considered one of the popular destinations for most immigrants and those who want to travel to the country. This is because of its high quality of life, excellent health system, and low costs.

One of the crucial factors when people think about where to spend their holidays, is security. At the same time, these figures mentioned above have minor differences across Europe regarding measuring factors like bathing water quality or levels of theft.

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