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Posted on June 15 2022

Canada immigration minister developing new, faster Temporary to Permanent visa policy

By  Editor
Updated December 02 2023

Canada immigration minister developing new, faster Temporary to Permanent visa policy


  • The Canadian government plans to announce a new program that allows temporary residents to become permanent residents.
  • IRCC has accepted 84,177 applications for immigration by the TR-to-PR pathway.
  • Immigration Level Plan for 2022 to 2024, Canada welcomes 40,000 new PRs under Federal economic public policies and welcomes 30,000 – 48,000 new PRs under the TR-to-PR pathway.

Sean Fraser, Canada Immigration Minister statement

Fraser says, "We are currently planning to create the best pathway that is permanent for temporary residents that can be obtained quickly."

In 2021, Canada notified that it would acknowledge 90,000 applications from temporary residents under programs like one-time, temporary-to-permanent (TR-to-PR). Using the TR-to-PR program, Canada received 84,177 applications.

TR-to-PR pathway has targeted healthcare and other workers in Canada and contemporary international graduates from Canadian colleges and universities. Except for the francophone province of Quebec, the whole country adhered to this immigration system.

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) statistics show Canada had accepted 23,885 new PRs under this TR-to-PR pathway. And 22,190 applications are already received their PR under this pathway in the first four months of this year.

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Immigration Levels Plan for 2022 to 2024

Considering the current flow of admissions for new PRs to the country, Canada welcomed 66,570 new PRs under the TR-to-PR route, where Ottawa hits the top of the list.

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Canada's Immigration level plan will welcome an additional 32,000 new PRs using the same TR-to-PR route for 2023.

The Immigration level has planned an entirely new route for temporary residents.

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Canada plans to invite 500,000 permanent residents this summer

Statistics on Canada's unemployment

At present, Canada is facing an immense labor shortage.

Canada has hit a record low unemployment rate of 5.1 %, and the proportion of jobless people for the vacant jobs has recorded a low of 1.2 million.

During March, Canadian employers struggled to fill the record high million jobs, 1,012,900.

Considering the labor shortage, retaining international students and temporary workers can solve employers' problems.

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There are three types of temporary work visas for foreign nationals that want to work in Canada

Open work permit: Open work permits allows foreign nationals to work for Canadian employers anywhere in the country. Open work permit provides such facilities without even requesting the business to satisfy using a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).

Employer-specific work permit: Employer-specific work permits allow foreign nationals to work through the LMIA process only if they do not find Canadians. 


Job outlook in Canada for 2022

Post-Graduate work permit: This work permit is for international students who have graduated from a Canadian college or university and are interested in living and working in Canada. The Post-Graduate work permit (PGWP) grant is dependent on the length of the study program and is equivalent to the length of the permit.

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 Other work permits for international students

  • Canada issues International Experience Canada (IEC) program and provides work permits to foreign nationals who are willing to come her.
  • Working holiday visa: Many foreign nationals come to Canada to work for many employers without having a job offer.
  • The young professionals who are willing to come to Canada for a job that boosts their professional development with the same employers back in their home country
  • For an international co-op internship, allow the students to graduate from a study program at a Canadian college or university that requires them to complete a work term in Canada.
  • International students that come to study at a Canadian college or university for at least six months will get a Study Permit once they take up the program.

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New Pathway for International Students

  • A new routine or a pathway to permanent residency for international students that may modify the rules in terms of study permits.
  • Presently, international students are expected to leave Canada once their study and work permits are expired. These students also need to provide proof of funds to support themselves in Canada.
  • International students must obtain permission from the province, even in Quebec, before getting a study permit. This permission can be obtained by applying for the Quebec Certificate of Selection (CSQ)
  • That permission is obtained by applying for a Quebec Certificate of Selection (CSQ) only once the student accepts the study program.
  • Around one-third of international students planning to come to Canada apply for permanent residence after Graduation. This actually means these students initially get a study permit to complete their studies and then apply for PGWP if the student gets a job after Graduation. This will help them gain work experience in Canada and later improve their Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score to obtain permanent residency using Express Entry.

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