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Posted on June 11 2019

Skilled immigrants’ access to Germany Jobs eased with new law

By  Editor
Updated March 15 2023
Germany Jobs

A package of bills was passed by Germany on 7th June that has made major modifications to the immigration and asylum policy. This was after a fierce debate in the Parliament.

The access for skilled immigrants to Germany jobs has now been eased through the newly passed laws. The package also includes the ‘Orderly Return Law’. It facilitates the deportation of failed refuge-seekers. This also expands the powers of immigration and Police authorities.

The policy package includes initiatives to improve the skilled immigrants’ access to Germany Jobs. For example, immigrants without asylum status who arrived prior to last summer will be allowed to remain for the time being. This is if they speak and German and have a job.

Additionally, the law scarps the earlier rules that mandated German employers to demonstrate that they did not find EU or German citizen. This is for the role for which they want to hire a skilled immigrant from outside the EU

As per the draft version, the aim of the new law is to crucially enhance the % of successful deportations. Roughly, 50% of the 188,000 planned deportations from Germany after 2015 failed or not executed at all. This is as per the data of the Interior Ministry, as quoted by the Politico EU.

The package of bills was delayed by controversy, especially due to the legislation for deportation. It resulted in a fierce debate in the German Parliament. This highlighted the extent to which the political landscape in Germany remains divided over immigration.

Horst Seehofer the Interior Minister insisted that the law was required to ensure that failed asylum seekers were deported. He is from the Christian Social Union. CSU is the Bavarian sister party of Christian Democrats of Angela Merkel.

Seehofer said that this is a turning point in the immigration policy of Germany. According to me, this immigration package creates a set of laws that respect order and humanity, he added. He also highlighted the significance of offering better access to Germany jobs for skilled overseas workers.

Sigmar Gabriel the former leader of the German Social Democrat extended support for a more dynamic policy for asylum. This was in an op-ed in Handelsblatt in Germany.

The returns law was passed by the German Parliament by 372:159 votes. The law for labour market access was passed by 369:257 votes.

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