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Posted on September 14 2022

New Brunswick to prioritize applications from 12 NOC codes of Tech and Health Occupations

By  Editor
Updated May 10 2023


Highlights: New Brunswick prioritizes immigration applications

  • New Brunswick decided to focus on processing backlog immigration applications from health-related and technology occupations and foreign graduates in the province.
  • Currently, New Brunswick prioritized the applications which are from 12 specific NOC (National Occupational Classification) codes, francophone, and as well as New Brunswick graduates.
  • The candidates who do not come under the above-mentioned 12 NOC codes are guided toward Atlantic Immigration Program (AIP).
  • The Opportunities New Brunswick (ONB) is taking specific measures which will be effective, to manage the inventory of the skilled worker stream belonging to New Brunswick (NB SWS) till the end of 2022.

Processing backlog Canadian immigration applications

New Brunswick concentrates on processing immigration applications for technology and health-related occupations along with these international graduates in the province.

As of now, the province is prioritizing 12 specific National Occupational classification codes, New Brunswick graduates, and francophones. These get immediately effective as the ONB (Opportunities in New Brunswick) is been implementing the necessary measures to manage the skilled worker stream of New Brunswick’s inventory till the end of 2022.

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The 12 NOC codes that are given priority are listed below

Occupation name NOC 2016 codes NOC 2021 codes TEER category
Technology occupations
Computer engineers (except software engineers and designers) 2147 21311 21230
Database analysts and data administrators 2172 21223 21211
Software engineers and designers 2173 21231 21231
Computer programmers and interactive media developers 2174 21230 21230
Computer network technicians 2281 22220 21230
Web designers and developers 2175 21234 21233
Information systems testing technicians 2283 22222 21222
User support technicians 2282 22221 21399
Health-Related Occupations
Licensed practical nurses 3233 32101 12111
Registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses 3012 31301 12111
Nurse aides, orderlies and patient service associates 3413 33102 12111
Home support workers, housekeepers and related occupations 4412 44101 12111

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  • The applications that do not come under the above categories can get a finalized date later and there may be processing delays as well.
  • The applicants who do not come under the above-mentioned categories are guided toward the AIP (Atlantic Immigration Program)

General requirements for NB SWS (New Brunswick Skilled Worker Stream)

The New Brunswick Skilled worker stream is designed for candidates who have obtained a permanent full-time job offer from an authorized employer in New Brunswick.

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Who is eligible for a Canada open work permit?

Canada to introduce new fast track program for temporary workers

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NB Skilled Worker Stream: Eligibility Requirements

1) A Genuine Job Offer: An employment offer that is full-time and permanent for an eligible occupation

  • High-skilled workers: NOC 0, A, B.
  • Semi-skilled workers: NOC C.
  • Low-skilled workers: NOC D skill types 7, 8, and 9.

2) Education Qualifications: Provide proof that they are qualified enough for the job offered.

Candidates must demonstrate they are qualified for the position being offered.

3) Competitive wage offered: The wages that are been offered -

  • Must meet or even exceed the average wage level for the specified occupation in the particular region of New Brunswick.
  • Must be paid equal wages to the workers who have a similar level of experience and training for the equivalent jobs in New Brunswick.
  • Must have consistency with the wage structure of the employer.

4) Provide intention to stay in New Brunswick: The applicants need to prove their genuine intention of staying in New Brunswick.

  • Need to describe the reason to settle permanently in New Brunswick
  • Present employment details in New Brunswick
  • Search details of employment
  • The duration of any previous ad/or current period of residing in New Brunswick
  • Community involvement
  • Provide proof of supporting oneself in the province.
  • Previous connections to the province via study, work, or family.
  • Professional networks, connections, and affiliations
  • Residence details that include household lease documents or agreements and/or property owned.
  • Prior visit details to Canada
  • Family ties, social connections, and relationships.

5) Regulated Occupations in NB: The applicants need to have the mandate certificate or a license in a job role for a regulated occupation.

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Job outlook in New Brunswick

NB Skilled Worker Stream (NB SWS) and its selection factors

Once the candidate is qualified with eligibility requirements, then they are assessed based on the six selection factors and are provided with the score. The applicants need to get at least 60 points out of 100 to be qualified.

Selection Factors Maximum points
Age 10
Language Skills 28
Education 20
Work Experience 20
Priority Sectors 10
Adaptability 12

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