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Posted on May 09 2024

Germany is the most preferred Non-English destination for Jobs in 2024

By  Editor
Updated May 09 2024

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Highlights: Germany has become the most chosen non-English destination for Jobs in 2024!

  • Germany has become the most preferred destination in the recent list of the most attractive places to work.
  • Many people are willing to move to Germany to get a good job.
  • According to the study "Decoding Global Talent," Germany ranks fifth among English-speaking nations.
  • Germany is the best destination for Bosnia, Herzegovina, Turkey, Pakistan, and Hungary. 


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Germany secured the first position among non-English-speaking countries

Germany tops among non-English-speaking countries in a ranking of the most popular countries to work in 2024. According to the study "Decoding Global Talent," Germany has secured fifth position among English-speaking nations, making up all four most favorite destinations.


The recent report illustrates that Australia has become the top choice globally this year, surpassing the United States and Canada, which were at the top position in the 2020 ranking. Germany took fifth position, giving its previous fourth position to the UK, but it still maintains its status as the most sought-after non-English-speaking nation.


Germany has become the most appealing destination for respondents from Bosnia, Turkey, Herzegovina, Pakistan, and Hungary.


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Reasons why people are attracted to Germany

The global study also shows that the main reason why people are moving to Germany is because of the job quality in Germany. 





Monetary considerations


Potential to innovate


German healthcare system



Stepstone Group labor market expert Tobias Zimmermann, a study co-author, said, "It is a huge opportunity that so many people want to move to Germany for a good job. Politics and business should work together even more closely to jointly promote more flexible and faster integration into the labor market."


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