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Posted on January 16 2018

For Immigrants Dependent Children the best destination is Canada, reveals Government report

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023
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For Immigrants Dependent Children the best destination is Canada as revealed by the Government report. Immigrants in Canada can also look forward to best economic and educational outcomes for their children. This is the revelation of the report of government report by Garnett Picot. He is an expert on inequality in earnings and economic assimilation of immigrants at Queen University School of Policy Studies.

The report is titled ‘Labor Market and Educational Outcomes of Immigrants Children: Success to be preserved’. It highlights the fact that Immigrants Dependent Children enjoy major economic and educational successes in Canada, a unique achievement for the nation. Then, both immigrants and immigration are considered to be positive by Canadians. Both these successes are not evident to any other nation including EU nations and even the US, as quoted by the Immigration CA.

Much of the successes stories for Immigration in Canada are due to the fact that Immigrants Dependent Children enjoy the best outcomes for education in the nation. Children of immigrants from Asia such as India or China consistently outshine children of parents born in Canada.

The report stresses the specific initiatives that must be taken by Canada to ensure the nation keeps enjoying success in the assimilation of immigrants even in the future. This is also needed for assimilation of the Immigrants Dependent Children into the social, economic, and educational mainstream.

It has been highlighted in the report that importance of skilled immigrants must remain so as a selection of immigrants defined by targets does influence the performance of children as well. The report says that it has to be made sure that selection of immigrants focuses on selecting those who can perceive to be contributing to the economy of the nation.

The report elaborates that those events such as excessive propaganda to migrants over Canadians in the job market must be avoided. It must also be realized that negative impressions are created by the main influence of immigrants on religious and social aspects and not just economic effects.

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