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  • IRCC-introduces-Indo-Pacific-Strategy-to-increase-Canada-Immigration
    IRCC introduces Indo-Pacific Strategy to increase Canada Immigration

    Highlights: Indo-Pacific strategy to boost Canada Immigration The Indo-Pacific strategy was announced recently to boost Canadian immigration. The strategy was announced on November 27, 2022. 4 of the top 7 countries which are primary sources of immigrants are from the Indo-Pacific region. International students in Canada make up 65% of the student population. *Check your… Read More »

    Dec 6, 2022
  • 'Jobs-in-Canada-up-by-10,000-in--Nov-2022',--StatCan-Reports
    ‘Jobs in Canada up by 10,000 in Nov 2022’, StatCan Reports

    Highlights: Jobs in Canada increased in November 2022 Canadian employment trends increased by 10,000 in November 2022 StatCan reports, summarized gender-based employment outcomes Rise in employment to 84.7% among core working-aged women in November 2022 Unemployment rate in Canada dropped to 5.01% *Check your eligibility to settle in Canada, through Y-Axis Canada Immigration Points Calculator.… Read More »

    Dec 5, 2022
  • Quebec-Arrima-Draw-invited-998-candidates-to-apply-for-permanent-selection
    Quebec Arrima draw invited 998 candidates on November 24, 2022

    Highlights: Quebec Arrima draw invited 998 candidates to apply for permanent selection Quebec held an Arrima draw on November 24, 2022, and invited 998 candidates These candidates are eligible to apply for permanent selection Candidates having a score of 603 and above were invited in this draw In 2022, from January till date Quebec invited… Read More »

    Dec 3, 2022
  • Germany-to-attract-400,000-skilled-workers-with-its-eased-immigration-rules
    Germany to attract 400,000 skilled workers with its eased immigration rules

    Highlights of Germany to attract 400,000 skilled workers with its eased immigration rules Germany to invite 400,000 skilled workers to the country to address workforce shortages that are affecting Germany’s economy. Germany has already eased most of its immigration rules to attract skilled foreign workers. The government of Germany also has plans to ease immigration… Read More »

    Dec 1, 2022
  • Toronto,-BC,-&-McGill-got-placed-in-top-100-world's-best-universities
    Toronto, BC, & McGill got placed in top 100 world’s best universities

    Highlights: 3 universities placed in top 100  world’s best universities Toronto, BC, & McGill placed in the top 100 world’s best universities Based on the university highlights like international student population, number of research centers, etc. these three Canadian universities were placed Every year 350,000 foreign nationals study at Canadian universities 15 other Canadian universities… Read More »

    Dec 1, 2022
  • 4-ways-to-work-in-Canada-without-LMIA
    4 ways to work in Canada without LMIA

    Highlights: 4 ways to work in Canada without LMIA Canada offers 4 ways to work temporarily in the country without obtaining a Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). Canada’s International Mobility Program (IMP) allows four different streams that permit foreign nationals to work temporarily. Competitiveness & public policy stream, significant benefit, Reciprocal employment, and Charitable &… Read More »

    Nov 30, 2022
  • Express-Entry-Draws-of-Nov-2022
    Canada Express Entry Draw Results, November 2022

    Highlights: Express Entry Round-up, November 2022 IRCC held two Express Entry Draws in November 2022 In total 9,500 ITAs were issued in November 2022 Both the draws held were ‘All-program draws’ From January 2022 till date IRCC issued 46,539 ITAs Recorded the lowest CRS scores of the year *Know your score instantly for free through… Read More »

    Nov 30, 2022
  • All-in-one-Canada-PNP-Nov-2022
    Canada PNP Immigration results for November 2022

    Highlights of Canada PNP draws held in November 2022 Five provinces of Canada (British Columbia, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan and PEI) held 9 PNP draws in November 2022 A total of 1,307 candidates were invited through Canada PNP draws in November, 2022 BC and Manitoba premiered in issuing invitations in the ‘Lucky 11 month’ New… Read More »

    Nov 30, 2022
  • Western-Australia-Invitation-Round-4500-candidates-were-invited
    Western Australia Invitation Round: 4500 candidates were invited

    Highlights: Western Australia Invitations issued on November 25, 2022 Western Australia issued 4,500 invitations on November 25, 2022, under SNMP (State Nominated Migration Program) These candidates were invited under Subclass 190 and Subclass 491 WA issued invitations under four streams: SNMP General stream –WASMOL schedule 1 SNMP General stream –WASMOL schedule 2 SNMP Graduate stream… Read More »

    Nov 30, 2022
  • US-opens-more-Visa-slots-in-India-for-B1B2-applicants
    US opens more Visa slots in India for B1/B2 applicants

    Highlights of US opens more visa slots in India for B1/B2 applicants United States opens more B1/B2 visa slots for appointments of applicants who are eligible for interview waivers in the coming months. The wait times for appointments for B1 or B2 visa slots are altered and the interview waiver appointment wait time is 233… Read More »

    Nov 29, 2022
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