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Posted on June 03 2019

The top 5 things you must know about working in Canada

By  Editor
Updated March 15 2023
work in Canada

Here are the top 5 things you must know about working in Canada:

1. 1/5th of Canada’s population is overseas-born:

You must know firstly and very importantly that you are not alone a new migrant to Canada, a nation of immigrants. 21.9% of people who stay and work in Canada were born overseas. 22.3% of the nation’s population identifies itself as a visible minority. These numbers are much higher in urban areas.

On the whole, Canada has a very open culture. It welcomes newly arrived immigrants and celebrates multiculturalism.

2. You do not need a job to migrate to Canada:

Having a job offer is not mandatory for immigrating to Canada. However, it can make things much easier. Express Entry immigration system in Canada is based on points. Having a job offer will award you good points. The more the points you score, the higher are your chances of receiving an invitation for immigrating to Canada.

You are awarded points for your knowledge of English or French, work experience, education, and age among other things. 57% of all immigrants to Canada get an entry under this point system as a skilled worker or business-class immigrant.

3. You can fast track migration if you are a skilled worker:

Express Entry immigration system in Canada for skilled workers. It aims to process Canada PR Visa applications of new immigrants in just 6 months or even earlier. You must first determine whether you qualify through any 1 of the federal programs for skilled workers. This is before filling a profile in Express Entry. You can go ahead and fill your profile if you qualify. This is the first step for migrating to Canada.

4. The process of becoming a Canadian citizen:

The first step in obtaining Canadian citizenship for the majority of the immigrants is to get the PR Visa. You can opt to remain a permanent resident for your complete stay in Canada if you so choose. However, the majority of the PR Visa holders opt for a transition to the Citizenship of Canada.

You must have stayed in Canada for a minimum 1, 095 days in the past 5 years to become a citizen of Canada. You must also pass a citizenship and language test, as quoted by the CIC News.

5. The Canadian government has many resources for new migrants:

The Government of Canada has allocated huge resources in terms of funds for assisting newly arrived immigrants. Its website offers diverse details regarding these facilities for overseas nationals who intend to immigrate to Canada. It is also useful for those who arrive as new immigrants to settle or look for a job in Canada.

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