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Overseas Jobs Alert: Are you a bad candidate?

Posted on November 14, 2018
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Overseas Jobs Alert

While reviewing candidates for Overseas Jobs, there are 3 main red flags to watch out for according to Recruitment Lead for EY Manisha Maligaspe.

Employment Gaps

Employment gaps are generally red flags only in particular situation says Manisha. Job seekers will have minimum one gap in their employment history. The red flags are periods of unemployment that cannot be supported by a reasonable explanation.

Lacking attention to detail

This is a huge red flag for recruiters or employers who screen resumes for overseas jobs. Ultimately, this reflects the candidate behavior if hired for the job, as quoted by the Insight Resources Seek.

General cover letter

A generic cover letter and resume that can be used for several jobs is a red flag says Manisha. The CV of the candidate must be focused on the role applied for. It must exactly demonstrate how their skills relate to the job, adds the Recruitment Lead.

Interview red flags

Certain behaviors, ways of communicating or attitudes must make Hiring Managers think twice regarding the candidate.

No control over emotions

It is a massive red flag if a candidate cannot articulate the exact reason for quitting the current job. The same is true if they say it is for dislike towards the boss or want more money.

Arrogance or Unprofessional behavior

If a candidate presents as someone who knows everything or only speaks about himself, it is a warning sign. They may not fit well within the team and find it tough to accept feedback.

Short on the details

It is a concern if candidates are unwilling to offer required details. It is equally concerning if they do not share required documents in the interview such as referee details.

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