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Get a Sponsor to fast-track your Overseas Career

Posted on December 5, 2018
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Get a Sponsor to fast-track your Overseas Career

If you intend to speed up your Overseas Career towards your long-term goals, then it is critical to obtain a Sponsor. It will also offer you additional exposure and is a crucial ingredient of your successful overseas career.

A well-entrenched and highly regarded practice in our work culture today is Mentorship. It can be an amazing way to meet new people and get diverse perspectives. You can also obtain advice and share your experiences.

Taking the opportunity to both have a mentor and be a mentor can be helpful and crucial for growth. This is irrespective of your title or level, as quoted by the Forbes.

The difference between Mentors and Sponsors:

A more proactive approach is taken by sponsors to help you in advancing your career. Terry Barclay is the CEO and President of Inforum. It is a professional organization that is committed to accelerating careers for women. The organization also seeks to boost talent initiatives for firms.

Terry Barclay defines a Sponsor as a powerful leader who advocates for you openly and privately. The Sponsor recommends you for extremely evident or extended assignments. You also get support from the Sponsor for taking risks and building relationships with key influencers. They take a vested interest in your career and assist in confronting and interrupting bias, adds Barclay.

Research has shown that having a sponsor offers the most direct route to the advancement of career said, Barclay. This is particularly for women, she added.

Having a sponsor incurs several benefits such as:

  • Helps you enhance your profile both within and outside your firm
  • Enables the people around you to view you in a fresh perspective
  • Assists in making strategic connections for finding fresh opportunities
  • Enhances your confidence; a sponsor may see something in your persona that you are unable to see

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