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Posted on December 08 2018

Know the 6 secrets of great Resumes for Overseas Jobs

By  Editor
Updated March 15 2023
6 secrets of great Resumes for Overseas Jobs

Recruiters for Overseas Jobs have to sift 1000s of CVs every day for selecting the most suitable candidates. It is thus crucial to be aware of the 6 secrets of great Resumes that will make you stand apart:

1. Enumerate your impact:

Demonstrate your accomplishments in not just words but numbers. Answer questions like: How much cash did you manage?

2. Make your interests as unusual as possible:

Interests are listed in the last line of the Resume by many people. However, these do not convey anything interesting. Say something that could generate an unforgettable conversation in the mid of the interview.

3. Illustrate the competition:

Many people win awards and do other impressive things. But this does not illustrate the remarkable nature of these achievements. This is because they do not specify the competition. They do not state the number of people who totally vie for the same position, as quoted by the Forbes.

4. Ask for feedback to an employee:

Relationships are more vital than CVs. Always connect with an employee prior to applying to any firm. This could be through alumni research, introductions, and information sessions. Kindly ask for feedback on your resume before applying if the conversation goes well.

5. Relate yourself to giant brands:

Associating with trusted brands builds instant credibility. This applies even if you never worked for one directly. Were your Clients included in the list of Fortune 500 firms? Did you feature in any big publications?

6. Follow the “Rule of 7”:

Identify the buzzwords as well as their derivatives on the website of the firm. Then, repeat these words 7 times in your CV. For example, use verbs like ‘promoted’, ‘advertized’ and ‘marketed’ to describe your accomplishments.

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