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6 careers in demand for 2020 and beyond

Posted on November 19, 2019
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6 careers in demand for 2020

A common dilemma in individuals between 18-24 years will be which career option to choose. If you are one of them and considering a career overseas, questions raging in your mind will include- Which field to consider? What will be its job prospects? Will it be in demand in the future? Will it pay well? And for a career overseas you will have to be doubly careful to choose a career that is in demand.

The current trends of artificial intelligence, disruptive technologies, robotics, big data, climate change, alternative energy sources will be the key factors in determining the hot career options in the next ten years.

If you are among those considering an overseas career, here are some insights into the top six careers that will be in demand in 2020 and beyond. Though this is not an exhaustive list, it will give you a fair idea when planning your career.

  1. Cybersecurity professionals:

With our increasing reliance on information systems and networks where we share personal information and companies their sensitive information, the threat of cyber-attacks become more real. This has increased the demand for cybersecurity professionals. The demand for such professionals has gone up by 21% in the past five years.

Governments and companies will increasingly rely on these professionals to protect their data and IT systems. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 100,000 jobs are expected in this field in the next 5 to 6 years.

Another report predicts that there will be more than 3 million unfilled positions in this field globally by 2021. Many organizations across the world are facing a skill shortage in this area.

Cybersecurity experts will be needed in a vast range of industries-telecommunications, technology, entertainment, banking, finance, and accounting.

  1. Data mining and analysis experts:

Data mining and analysis features in the list of in-demand occupations in the survey conducted by The Economist called, ‘The Future of Jobs’. The survey analyzed more than 35 companies in nine industries in the 15 largest economies of the world.  It says data analysts will be in demand across industries in 2020. They will be needed to collect and analyze data, identify past, current and future trends.

Companies are looking at ways to get information about their clients, analyze it and gain insights that will help them gain an edge over competitors. Within this field, marketing and market research jobs will be in high demand. Statisticians who can crunch this data to help companies will also be needed.

Data mining and analysis experts

  1. Health professionals:

With the average lifespan getting longer, there will be a need for healthcare professionals that will include doctors, nurses, care workers, dentists, physical therapists etc. The career opportunities in this field are broad, and the careers here range from low paying ones to some of the highest-paid jobs.

There will be more demand for home-care workers especially in-home senior care providers. The pay and prospects are better for such care workers.

  1. Fintech professionals:

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in the financial services sector are expected to go up by 11 per cent by 2026. This growth will be seen more on the technical aspect of the financial services business.

  1. Sales professionals:

With the use of technology across the business enterprise, there will be a need for salespeople with specialized skills who can sell the company’s services to other businesses, clients and consumers as well as governments. For instance, an insurance company with niche products will need salespeople who can sell to the target audience. Thye should know how to use smart tools and data on potential customers to improve their performance.

  1. Software developers:

With the growth of the internet and machines getting smarter, there will be a need for software developers. In fact, jobs related to app development are expected to grow significantly in the next five years.

Software engineers with machine learning skills will be in high demand. There will also be demand for networking specialists and computer programmers.

If you are planning to work abroad, consider these career options and gain the required skills. They will be in demand for a long time to come.

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